Communicating with your customer base and leveraging every opportunity available to reach your desired demographic is integral to building your business. Even though you are continuously bombarded with newer channels of communication, the power of Email remains resolute. According to a study published by Statista, in 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion, which is estimated to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024. That’s not it, in 2018, approximately 281 billion emails were sent and received everyday worldwide, that is said to increase to over 347 billion daily emails by 2023. With numbers that put to rest any doubts about the power of ‘You’ve Got Mail’, the time is ripe to deep-dive into breaking down how best you can use email marketing to optimise your business.

1. Use An Integrated Platform To Drive Sales:

Using an email marketing software like Zoho CRM powered by Zoho campaign doesn’t just help you create, send, and track email performance, but analyse data while remaining strategic through targeted campaigns for you to build your audience on-the-go. Automated systems help workflows in ensuring auto- responders easily trigger emails based on your customers’ activity. Inbuilt intuitiveness and insightful reports offer valuable insight into how your campaign is performing. From unique views, clicks, shares and conversions, tap into critical information on how to increase revenue, leverage past-purchase data to drive customer loyalty, and boost lifetime value with a responsive design that’s clutter-free and easy to navigate.

2. Implement Your Webinar Strategy Better:

Instead of wasting time switching between your webinar and CRM interface, Zoho CRM works with Zoho webinars to conveniently showcase your webinar campaign information in your CRM window. Manage your campaign by setting up engagement polls and invite registrations with customized emails as you measure its performance.

3. Deliver Your Message Intelligently:

Make first impressions count by staying away from spam-triggers. Avoid certain words, phrases, and characters like ‘be amazed’, ‘your income’, ‘act now’, ‘guarantee’. Similarly, writing in Uppercase or adding excessive punctuation marks and symbols can trigger a spam alert. Keep the subject lines not too long and ensure only the beginning of the opening line is seen as a preview. Moreover, since readability remains critical, write conversationally while imparting a sense of urgency.

4. Use Rich Text Along with Strong CTAs On Your Emails:

While designing your segmented campaign, remember that people need visual stimulation, therefore, using rich text that has bold, italics, larger and smaller font, or underlining will pique interest. Plus, telling your user what to do next (like connect on social media, finish a purchase order, earn reward points on recommendations) will give them a desired end result instantly.

5. Optimize For All Devices While You Adjust Your Email Frequency:

In a digital, mobile-first world, a responsive email design that displays your content on mobile and laptop seamlessly
will give you the edge you need. Additionally, the frequency with which you send emails will determine the number of unsubscribes you will have. Sending two-three emails a week is better for a targeted audience, unless your customer base has signed up for a daily newsletter.

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