Where does Aarialife come from?

Aarialife :
Aaria has many meanings but what resonates with us is “friendly”. What is life without being friends with your customers, employees, partners, we try our best to have a friendly touch as we set up on our journey to improve life from a farmer to an enterprise with our technology interventions!


We are globally present in multiple locations in India, UAE and Canada.

about Aarialife Technologies Inc

Our team has 20+ years of deep experience working on complex deployments of various technologies on Cloud. We know the intricacies of what a business needs and how to solve them with our technology.

Our team has experience of working with more than 500 clients in the past 15 years across 35 countries globally. Our clients span various industry verticals across these 35 countries.

Our Story

We are crazy about new technology and we passionately believe technology can improve life from an individual to an enterprise. In the euphoria of various technologies we want to be ones who understand the technology deeply but are able to explain and implement simply.. Understand deeply and explain simply is our motto as we embark on the mission is to improve the business of doing business with our products and services.

At Aarialife we focus on digital transformation through the Cloud. We have carefully chosen world class products like Netsuite and Zoho which empower one and all who embrace on the journey of using this technology.

Leadership Team

Vinay Nair

Founder & CEO

Vinay Nair as Group CEO, sets and evolves the strategic direction globally for Aarialife for its products and services through technologies like Cloud CRM and ERP, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT). With nearly two decades of global experience in technology and business consulting, Vinay has a strong track record of driving business process re-engineering and automation for enterprises globally.

Chirag Joshi

Co-Founder & President

Chirag Joshi (CJ) , as President heads the North American business for Aarialife. Chirag’s experience comes from working with many industry verticals for over two decades with the key focus on creating customer delight. His consulting ability and business acumen has made him the goto man by all the clients he has served.
Amit Prabhu

Amit Prabhu

Co-Founder & General Manager

Amit Prabhu, as General manager, drives and oversees the services business portfolio at Aarialife which is focused on Oracle NetSuite and Zoho. A business strategist with keen interest in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and IOT, Amit brings with him an extensive experience of consulting over cloud technology across industries for nearly a decade.

Amit’s strength has always been in recommending the right solution to resolve complex business problems by demonstrating the right solution.

A double post graduate in technology and management, Amit enjoys playing sport's and is a gym enthusiast.

Aumesh Hurry

Aumesh Hurry

Vice President - North America

Aumesh Hurry has been doing software consulting for more than 10 years with enterprise and mid-sized organizations across several industries (telco, T&T, banking & insurance, automotive, retail etc) and in various markets since 1998 in the ERP, Analytics, Middleware and Services space. He has also helped IBM and Oracle Netsuite implement new go-to-market models and drive adoption of cloud based enterprise and business applications in new markets in a senior management position for past 12 years.

Aumesh is deeply involved with developing and executing the Sales and Marketing strategy for new customer acquisition at Aarialife Technologies’ North American business ventures, primarily for Aarialife’s NetSuite and Zoho Practice