All The Ways in Which Fast-Growing Companies Can Take Advantage Of NetSuite’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software


The two fundamental things that are driving businesses around the world remotely—
1. Customers that ensure your products and services are being valued with repeat orders, keeping your business in demand,
2. Formalized customer relationship management that seamlessly captures the entire lifecycle process in detail.
A mammoth task which cannot rely on tired old processes, thankfully, one can simplify operations with robust cloud technology that ensures all customer touchpoints are taken care of diligently while your company grows. NetSuite’s CRM software implemented by Aarialife Technologies takes care of the operational beast on a single unified platform, giving a holistic and real-time view of everything from sales order, renewal, fulfilment, opportunity, upsell, cross-sell, renewal, vendors management, marketing and support teams.
Naturally, a deep-dive into CRM, its features, and the incredible benefits it brings to your business is in order.

What does NetSuite CRM do?
The first CRM system was introduced in the market in 1990s. What began as on-premises software, has now flourished to include cloud-based technology with the digital boom.
Simply put, CRM uses technology ensures companies are benefitted from client interactions by taking information pertaining to customers and shares it with various platforms that help marketing, sales, and customer services team ensuring there is no room for manual error.
According to a research study, it is estimated that 91% of companies that have 10 or more employees have CRM in place, valuing the tech as a $40 billion+ business.
While we have already spoken of the touchpoints that NetSuite CRM focusses on, it is also enriched with traditional capabilities running for your business, like sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service management, plus, the ability to give sales forecasts and partner relationships, commissions and quotes.

NetSuite CRM features that distinguish it from others
a) Sales Force Automation: Improve efficiency and collaboration with NetSuite’s CRM sales force automation (SFA) where your entire sales cycle is unified, giving your team exceptional visibility, with regard to customer relationship, inventory and order history and information pertaining to contracts. Along with this, you can also gain access to a central customer database which helps amplify collaboration between employees, and breaks down silos, in order to get rid of multiple sources of data. What’s more? Take advantage of the forecasting tools that helps in making everything customizable, with real-time analytics and role-based dashboards.

b) NetSuite CPQ: It comes packed with features like creating 3D product visualizations that automate generation of sales proposals, configuring products and services, quoting and pricing CRM, NetSuite ERP, adding ecommerce solutions directly into the system, to routing and work orders, plus, generating bill of material! The simple and error-proof process helps sell and quote as well as the experts on all your sales channels, internal, external and online.

c) NetSuite Marketing Automation: Most businesses need to create effective campaigns that’s drive leads and helps automate the entire marketing process in turn. You can generate high quality leads by establishing a framework that builds, targets, executes and measures the success of marketing campaigns. This helps in taking the complexity out of lead qualification and conversion along with tracking and measuring a prospect’s activity, evaluating buyer-readiness, and eventually passing that lead on to sales. You can also create targeted marketing campaigns that are automatically deployed across the board, manage, analyze and track marketing campaigns via email, events, multi-channels campaigns, and direct mail into a single application. Moreover, you can fine-tune your campaigns, maximize ROI and measure performance over time in the application itself.

d) NetSuite Customer Service Management: The unified solution gives access to customer information that is updated real time to service, fulfilment, sales, and support staff. It also helps empower customers in resolving common issues by themselves via quality searchable knowledge base and self-service portal.

e) NetSuite Partner Relationship Management (PRM): Boost partner collaboration and information flow with PRM that gives you complete control of elements like joint marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, lead management, pipeline management, partner commissions and loyalties, as well as sales and marketing processes. This helps not only in achieving mutual objectives but helps nurture partner relationships.

f) Mobile friendly with reporting and analytics capabilities: With everything now available at the tap of your fingers, in the palm of your hands, the NetSuite CRM can also be accessed on mobile, wherein you can enter, view, and update customer and sales data, directly on your mobile device. Take advantage of in-built reporting, role-based dashboards that enable sales, real-time analytics, and service teams that monitor performance on a continuous basis. The service teams can also measure client satisfaction and trends, while marketing can examine engagement and conversion metrics, along with acquisitions.

Benefits of NetSuite CRM
1. Everything is on a unified data source: You have complete visibility and access across all channels that are online, including in-store phone transactions and interactions.

2. Better sales performance: A fully integrated and unified quote-to-order, cash and fulfilment, and sales process is streamlined on the platform.

3. Easy campaign management: Streamline everything at one go across multiple channels satisfactorily.

4. Boost customer satisfaction: Thanks to support teams, access customer information anywhere, anytime that helps drive satisfaction and retention across the board.

5. Streamlines everything: Give your business the seamless flow from lead-to-cash

6. Global management: While you have a 360-degree view of customers and performance enhancing tools like forecasting and analytics, the software has the ability to manage global sales and services organizations remotely.

Keep in mind that some the full-featured CRM system does come at a cost and additional fee is required for implementation, integration, ongoing maintenance and support. Along with this, the implementation and adoption timeline need buffer to get adjusted to internally, so don’t fret while your internal staff is getting used to the software.
There might be some pushback as there is a switch-up to the system, however from ensuring a proper setup is in place and help always accessible, partner with a trusted NetSuite provides. Cue: Aarialife Technologies.

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