At a time when industry experts are talking about ‘pivot’ or ‘perish’ outlook to running businesses, giving your wholesale distribution business a competitive edge is the only way to keeping it moving at this time of global crisis.

With unprecedented challenges, where companies are being forced to innovate every day, cloud-based ERP solutions like NetSuite have become not only necessary, but critical in order to accelerate digital transformation. With order management simplified, alongwith the new Supply Chain Suite Analytics Workbook in the NetSuite 2020 release 1, distributors can efficiently analyse supply-demand imbalances. Moreover, route management now automates everything from assigning the route, stop and delivery time of a given order, to keeping track of items – all, a huge plus as demand trends change making essential goods and services increasingly sought after. Besides the obvious boost you will give your wholesale distribution business with NetSuite, I have culled three ways in which you can develop a robust strategy to reboot your business in these uncertain times.


1. Make Dependability The Cornerstone Of Your Business: Trust in businesses that “always deliver” is edging out digital players that relied on weak supply chains and marketing campaigns. This has in turn strengthened the position of traditional distributors who have maintained good manufacturer and customer relationship. A solid campaign that highlights the relative strength can help win back market-share which you may have lost to smart campaigns by newer entrants before. Play to your strengths as you move forward.

2. Allow Automation To Simplify Processes: With NetSuite you can enhance your order management process ensuring fulfilment requests are recorded and auto-created when the expected shipping date draws closer. Additionally, the quality management application is equipped to handle large volumes of data, which further simplifies and speeds up complicated processes.

3. Think Long Term With ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): With real-time visibility thanks to NetSuite, alongwith an integrated financial management system that simplifies processes via a unified Omni channel experience, wholesale distributors that have embraced the benefits of ERP are now in a better position to continue innovating.

More ideas on how evolve Your Distribution Business here, for the complete download on how to make the smart switch today.

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