Governance, Risk and Compliance

With more than 16,000 customers running NetSuite across more than 200 countries and dependent territories, some of the world’s best-known brands trust their businesses to NetSuite and take their financial and operational processes to the cloud.

Control, Monitor, Adapt and Comply

Effectively manage risk with out-of-the-box and custom processes and controls

NetSuite’s audit-ready solutions support and empower your company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs, with built-in capabilities and processes designed to handle increasingly complex regulatory, operational and compliance challenges, with easy and powerful customization, automation and reporting capabilities for your specifics needs.

NetSuite offers a superior compliance base, with a variety of supporting reports and certificates such as SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27 K, PCI / PA-DSS and more to meet the risk and control standards of your company and to ensure that your financial statements are accurate. NetSuite partners are also extending and enhancing our native capabilities, so you can confidently predict and fix changes in protection, task segregation and configuration while automating your control process.


Learn About NetSuite Governance, Risk and Compliance


Go Public, Remain Public

NetSuite is the only ERP solution that can scale from start-up, IPO and beyond with you. NetSuite lets you escape the wear and tear of evolving structures. With a world-class ERP solution, you can start tiny, expand into a public company and still use it in 20 years. NetSuite is the perfect option for businesses based on the mid-market, public-bound, or compliance and controls.

NetSuite is Audit Ready

The role-based security, user access management, and authentication model of NetSuite is easily interpretable, managed, and audited. Robust, always-on, audit trails for changes in configuration, design, administrative, and master data allow managers and auditors to quickly and easily examine any behavior that could affect security, controls, or financial statements.

Automate Control Processes

Out of the box, NetSuite provides a host of automatic IT controls, with powerful search and reporting features that can be expanded. Automate and expand the Suite quickly using custom preventive and detective systems, using workflows, SuiteScripts, saved search alerts, and custom fields. Automating such processes will streamline or eliminate labor intensive, and back-end analysis processes that are prone to errors.

Gain Competitive Advantage

NetSuite transforms governance, risk and compliance to achieve cost savings and improve revenue. In moving away from a expensive and ineffective approach to reactive compliance, NetSuite is creating an integrated and sustainable risk management and compliance mechanism that continuously anticipates and manages risk proactively.

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