In an ever-evolving world where technology is being heavily relied on to run businesses, robust delivery software not only improves productivity of a remote workforce, but allows real-time updates imperative to running operations with assured precision. Redefining the way your organisation works has made NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA) the need of the hour for your services delivery business.
Designed to scale your business needs, Netsuite OpenAir PSA integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Here’s how you can empower and stay agile amid the pandemic, with a remote workforce by switching to the cloud-based NetSuite OpenAir PSA.

  1. Quantify Service Performance: Whether it’s project management or accounting, PSA automates management systems which reduces operational errors and improves delivery time, ensuring your business stays competitive while increasing productivity with each entry.
  2. Access the System, Anytime, Anywhere: Obtaining data and accessing a centralised database in real-time is made easier whether your workforce is on a sales call or running a quick inventory check. Supporting the professional services delivery lifecycle in its entirety; from resource management, accounting, billing, timesheet management, expense management, to analytics, NetSuite simplifies your services delivery business pragmatically.
  3. Manage Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Remotely: Analyse KPI reports and track trends to improve profitability of your business wherever necessary. Online and offline access allows users to keep the cycle of transactional and financial information running smoothly. Stay in sync with employees and clients, increasing operational transparency and efficacy.
  4. Redefine Timesheet Management To Alleviate Risks: With an incredibly intuitive design that lets you easily add, update, and approve time entries whether you are an iPhone or Android user ensures deadlines are always met. You can view time entries at a glance, whether you are looking at a specific project or task under a designated time card. With the added bulk edit functionality you can ensure your taskforce is able to key in accurate entries wherever they are.

For service delivery businesses looking to scale and switch to adaptive technology today, automate with the game-changing NetSuite PSA here.


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