How To Maintain Ecommerce Momentum This Holiday Season And Beyond


Learning to adopt new technology as you build your business in a constantly shifting world remains one of the key drivers for businesses that have stayed resilient and shown tremendous growth. With the world moving online, customer experience has become the driving force for higher ROIs and larger returns. In a study conducted by Forrester in 2015, it was found that superior customer experience drove superior growth in industries where customers are free to switch business and competitors. Fast-forward 2020, Forrester had a clear theme on the trend: technology acceleration would be the mood for 2021. According to the report, not just 15% of firms, but every company would double down on technology-fueled experiences, operations, products, and ecosystems. CIOs would also continue to accelerate their spend on cloud, security and risk, networks, and mobility.

It is widely acknowledged that ecommerce showed encouraging returns last year, and continues to do this year as well.

Here’s how you can ensure your business remains agile through the holiday season and beyond:


  • Serve Customers 24*7:

    According to Deloitte, e-commerce sales will grow by 11-15% during the 2021-2022 holiday season, which is likely to result in sales reaching between $210 and $218 this season. With strong customer spending being the catalyst for momentum and growth, serving customers throughout the period will remain quintessential for success. Which means identifying scenarios where you might need to strategize and identify best tools for best customer experience. For eg. In case you are a services company, you are bound to have additional needs like a new license request. Instead of waiting for emails responses, adding an additional license to their existing subscription plan would mean staying future-ready.

  • Take Advantage Of NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount:

    Enabling your business buyers with a 24/7, self-service online account management portal without having to build a whole new ecommerce site, business accounts can boost their buying efforts and minimize manual work. You can take advantage of capabilities like converting online quotes to sales orders, repeat purchasing to better management of subscriptions. Easily perform tasks like updating address book, managing credit cards on file and viewing history. You can display information on a unified platform that helps then pay invoices, edit subscriptions and open support cases.


  • Have A Unified Customer Experience:

    In the NetSuite 2021 Release 2, set to be implemented soon, NetSuite Connector provides incredible integrations to a variety of marketplaces, ensuring there is uninterrupted flow between NetSuite and other platforms, improving operations and customer experience.


  • Make Room For Frictionless Inventory Management:

    In the new release, retailers now get to run their own warehouses, through a range of enhancements to NetSuite WMS. Eg. Tally scan, that updates inventory quantities as new items are scanned has not been extended to support inbound processes like receiving and purchasing orders, as wells as transferring orders and inbound shipments. Cartons can be easily added or removed from a pallet, giving shippers more flexibility in packing multiple orders, in turn optimizing cash flow throughout.


  • Ease Of Paying Online:

    Made available to all NetSuite users, the new payment link feature in Release 2 allows you to send your customers a link via email or SMS which takes them to a dedicated page showing invoice summary and payment options. Moreover, with electronic bank-to-bank payments (widely known as ACH) gaining followers in B2B commerce as an alternative to credit and debit cards, the new payment link functionality has been added for ease of use


  • Launch Quicker And Better With Setup Automation:

    Traditionally website launches have taken time with process oriented feature installations, however the new release significantly reduces the clicks and time spend on building. You can easily tailor the site to suit the customer journey and experience you have in mind, taking full advantage of automation and superior technology!


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