Implementing NetSuite ERP system is a tedious process, some might say, almost like an iceberg. Still there are 18,000 success stories of successful NetSuite Implementation with more than 200 countries. Before going ahead with it you need to understand hidden things in this whole process.

What is NetSuite Implementation?

NetSuite implementation is the business process to manage your business by automating many back office functions related to inventory, financials, and customer relation by moving your organizational data over to the NetSuite ERP. The process also need to configure your users and defined processes with the user training on the NetSuite ERP.

Expected results of NetSuite Implementation should be automate processes, easy-to-use system, a real-time business Intelligence, reduces your total cost of ownership and Increase Visibility for Better Decision Making.

NetSuite Implementation Process

There are 7 Stages of successful NetSuite implementation. Our experienced functional and technical NetSuite consultants learn about your business needs to shape and optimize solution, in order to leverage the software’s practicality.


What is meant by NetSuite Implementation Partner?

An NetSuite implementation partner is a consulting services firm (with a team of NetSuite-certified experts and Certified SuiteCloud Developers who support all phases of development) that has been certified by the Oracle Corporation for NetSuite implementation. This means the NetSuite implementation partner knows the NetSuite thoroughly and can help you to implement NetSuite successfully.

So, associating with experienced NetSuite partner is an important step to get the best fit solution for your business.

How to find NetSuite Implementation Partner?

Finding the right NetSuite Implementation partner is challenge. When it comes to implementing NetSuite for the first time for your organization, the partner that you choose is able to give you end to end services like licencing to subscription. Having one NetSuite provider for all the services gives you more benefits in future like scripting, integrations, eCommerce development, optimization and support. Below are the short steps you can do to shortlist or finalize your provider.

– Determine a Vendor’s Current Clients
– Compare Project Scope
– Verify the Consultants
– See the current Projects in Progress (Reference)
– Be Prepared and Ask Questions
– Does the Vendor Deliver Within Budget?

How Much Does NetSuite Implementation Cost?

Cost of Implementation depends upon your user size but as a cloud solution it will reduce your cost for Infrastructure, Human resources, database management etc. However NetSuite gives a different editions as per your organization size NetSuite Limited Edition, NetSuite Mid-Market Edition and NetSuite Enterprise Edition. You can choose the needed from these.


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