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There are 5 types of users that are defined in NetSuite i.e

  1. Employee Full User
  2. Employee Self Service User
  3. Vendor User
  4. Partner User
  5. Customer User

Here are the differences and their functions

Employee Full User: A Full User licensee can have access to all of NetSuite depending on the roles and permission defined for them. A full user license is need for any user or employee that uses the system regularly to conduct transactions. Full licenses are generally allocated to functional team members leveraging NetSuite to perform daily tasks eg: inventory management, financial duties or management roles.


Employee Self Service (ESS) User: This type of user has limited access to NetSuite. This subscription for this user type is cheaper than a full user and is available in packs of 5. The ESS licenses are meant for employees that simply need to perform project time tracking, submit expense reports and enter paid time off.


Vendor User: Access can be given to a Vendor using the Vendor Center. This system enables vendors to view, search, and print purchase orders you place with them.

Vendors can also reference purchase orders on their own to answer questions, as well as view order and payment history. Providing a level of self-service to your vendors helps remove friction in the relationship.

Vendor Users are allocated at no cost, ensuring that this function is scalable as your business grows without adding extra financial burden.


Partner User: Partner users are generally allocated to 3rd party designers, developers and administrators that companies hire to assist with NetSuite needs like implementation and outsourced execution.

A partner license is only granted to authorized NetSuite Partners in one of four partner programs – Alliance Partner, Solution Provider, Commerce Agency Partner or SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN) Partner.


Customer User: You can assign one role per customer (which will usually be the Customer Center role).

The customer center is a very useful tool for allowing your customers to update their contact information and subscription preferences, see account details, submit support issues and search your knowledge base. Customers may even complete transactions, submit payment information or otherwise transact with your business through the partner center if you enable and customize the available options.

Much like Vendor Users, Customer Users are free to allocate, and limited to the functionality in the Customer Center.


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