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How much does Netsuite Cost?

NetSuite Pricing is derived based on number of users + platform fee. The platform fee consists of the base NetSuite version (Industry specific) and the number of functionality specific modules that a customer needs to meet their business needs. NetSuite is priced as an annual subscription.

You can subscribe to NetSuite depending on your requirements,  the price will depend on the nature of the solution you require. Typically there are many permutations and combinations which will give you the right pricing and as a result NetSuite pricing should be a collaborative exercise between your NetSuite Solution Provider and yourself. It is recommended to map out your required functionalities so your NetSuite Solution Provider can guide as to which functionalities are met with the respective NetSuite modules.


If you want to refer to a quick pricing guide, simply click below.


How much does Netsuite Cost by Company SizeHow much does Netsuite Cost by Company Size


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