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A credit memo is a transaction that decreases the amount a customer owes you. A credit memo created from a return authorization has no impact on inventory; however, a stand-alone credit memo does impact inventory.

To issue a credit memo:

1. Go to Transactions > Customers > Issue Credit Memos.

2. Under Primary Information:

  1. In the Custom Form field, select the credit memo form you want to use.
  2. Select the customer you are crediting.
  3. Accept today’s date, or enter another.
  4. If you use accounting periods, select the posting period for this credit.
  5. Enter the customer’s original purchase order number.
  6. If you like, enter a memo that will appear on the 2-line Accounts Receivable register.

3. Under Sales Information:

  1. You can change the sales effective date for this transaction. The sales effective date determines which commission plan and historical sales team this transaction applies to.
  2. Check Exclude Commissions to exclude this transaction and its subordinate transactions from inclusion in all commission calculations. For example, selecting this box on a sales order excludes the sales order and the resulting invoice from all commission calculations for all sales people.

4. Under Classification, select a department, class, and location you want this order associated with. (Note: If you use NetSuite OneWorld and the selected customer is shared with multiple subsidiaries, you can choose any subsidiary assigned to the selected customer. )

5. On the Items subtab, enter information about each item credited, and click Add after each.If the item being returned is a serialized item, you can:

    1. enter the customer name, then enter the item number in the item field. Next, click List to select the serial number sold to this customer.
    2. enter the serial number and the item number will autofill the Item field.

6. On the Billing subtab, the default billing address for the selected customer is displayed in the Bill To field. You can change this address as needed.

7. On the Shipping subtab, enter the shipping details for this transaction.

8. The Accounting subtab only shows if you are using the Multiple Currencies or Revenue Recognition features, if you have not enabled the Per-Line Taxes preference at Setup > Accounting > Taxes > Set Up Taxes, or if you have added fields to this subtab.

9. On the Relationships subtab, enter a contact or partner details for this transaction.

10. On the Sales Team subtab, if you use the Team Selling feature, select the Sales Team for this transaction.

11. On the Communication subtab, enter communication information for this transaction.

12. Click Save.

If you issue a credit memo after a customer has paid an invoice, this memo can be applied to any of the customer’s open or future invoices. To do this, go to Transactions > Customers > Accept Customer Payments, and select the appropriate customer


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