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• A single data set: All core reporting and searches are real-time
• Cloud-based SaaS: No capital outlay on infrastructure
• Low cost for an ERP: Very competitive pricing in comparison to SAP, Microsoft GP, Oracle, Salesforce and most — if not all — other well-known vendors
• Financials are excellent: NetSuite was built from Oracle Small Business (aka NetLedger) with the backing of Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle
• Highly customisable via the GUI front-end or scripting: Includes workflow and custom fields, lists and records/tables
• Extremely powerful front-end search functionality for all users: Enables everyone to create and extract reports for themselves
• Extensively customisable: Custom management and operational dashboards and reports
• Supports complex businesses: Supports businesses with multiple locations/warehouses, foreign currencies, subsidiaries and multi-national presence
• Report on any transactional information by any or all of the following: Location, Department and Class, or custom segments, allowing a business to slice and dice it’s reporting while maintaining a simple General Ledger/Chart of Accounts
• Only pay for the modules you need
• Particularly suited to small and medium sized businesses
• Relatively user-friendly interface

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