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In addition to the live production account, NetSuite provides customers with various types of accounts to use to run their business. An account is simply a place to work.

Types of NetSuite accounts include:-

  • The Production Account
  • The Release Preview Account
  • The Sandbox Account
  • The Development Account

The Production Account
The production (or live) account is where you do the daily work necessary to run your business. Most users will spend most of their time working in the production account.

Users access their production account by opening a browser window and going to, and entering their email address and password. They will automatically be connected to their NetSuite production account in the correct data center.

The Release Preview Account
All customers with a NetSuite production account can get access to a Release Preview account when it is available. Release Preview is available twice a year, right before each NetSuite release. This account lets you test your daily business processes with the new features available in the upcoming release.

As of 2018.1, all customers access the UI for their Release Preview account from Initially, only users with an Administrator role have access to the Release Preview account.

A user with an Administrator role must log in to NetSuite at, and change roles to the Release Preview Administrator role. An Administrator can grant access to Release Preview to other users as needed for testing.

Users can also access their Release Preview account from the New Release portlet.

The Sandbox Account
A NetSuite sandbox is a safe and isolated account where you can develop new processes and applications. You can use a sandbox to test and train your employees in existing integrations and processes without affecting your production data. The data in the sandbox is a copy of your production data. The sandbox can be refreshed from production, bringing in new data and customizations. Each refresh overwrites the previous sandbox. You can purchase one sandbox or several sandboxes to allow for development and testing teams to have their own accounts in which to experiment.

Users of sandbox accounts access the sandbox UI from the same URL they use to access their production account. Production and sandbox roles are clearly labeled in the Account Type column on the Choose Role page. Account administrators and system administrators can modify the sandbox account name by adding a suffix to help distinguish it from other accounts.

The Development Account
The NetSuite development account is a place that is isolated from your production account in which teams can develop solutions. The development account provides an improved experience for developing NetSuite customizations. NetSuite development accounts never contain production data. This separation of development accounts prevents in-progress customizations from being overwritten by refreshes, as can happen in sandbox accounts, and enables controlled access to sensitive, restricted, and financial data. These lightweight accounts support rapid deployment and testing processes.

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