If you’re manually managing revenue streams like subscription and maintenance, you might think of changing this approach before long. You must automate this task. Also, you must minimize the cost of gaining new customers. More importantly, you must closely monitor their satisfaction levels and billing processes. NetSuite helps you do this effectively increase your revenue by 20 %. Not to mention, make the best of opportunities to enhance customer value and profitability. If yours is a public company, the revenue recognition and compliance processes ought to be irrefutable. 

It is imperative for businesses to strengthen:

  • Billing process management
  • Global support for customers
  • Customer renewal management
  • Cross-sell/up-sell management

NetSuite offers the complete functionality you need in order to overcome the challenges of recurring revenue biz model. It can transform subscription and maintenance processes into competitive assets. With NetSuite’s recurring revenue management features, you can:

  • Accurately, efficiently, and effortlessly manage the processes for subscription and maintenance-based revenue streams whether one-off or recurring
  • View the entire customers’ history and have instant access to relevant information that’s needed to capitalize on renewal rates
  • Focus on cross-sell and up-sell add-ons or premium packages to customers and increase profitability
  • NetSuite’s robust dashboard and reporting capabilities help push customer profitability by reducing “cost-to-serve”

Suite Success Cloud Solutions by NetSuite

To ensure quicker time-to-value, improved efficiency and offer the flexibility to promote growth, NetSuite has launched many new editions of SuiteSuccess. SuiteSuccess is an integrated, pre-configured industry cloud solutions with latest editions that are developed to fulfill the distinct requirements of vendors that offer goods and services specific to a particular industry. They cover a variety of businesses, organization sizes in the latest cloud ERP journey. The following are the latest SuiteSuccess editions:


StarterDeveloped for growing organizational needs  such as finance & accounting, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay 
CommerceDeveloped for retailers and other ecommerce-based business requirements such as website development and order management
Technology servicesDeveloped for companies that provide technology services such as project management, sales, order, and financial control
Consulting servicesTwo latest editions were launched for organizations that are into consulting services at different stages of development with finance & accounting, project management and resource management
Manufacturing and Manufacturing EmergingTwo new editions were developed for this category for manufacturers at various stages of development like inventory, supply chain, and order management
Food and Beverage ManufacturerDeveloped for companies that are into producing food & beverage comprising features for demand planning and traceability
Advertising, Media, and PublishingThree new editions were launched in this category, including features for allotting resources, time & expenditure, and reporting  
OneWorld, Administrator and AccountingThree new editions were launched for existing NetSuite users in order to support global development, enrich the functionalities and knowledge of NetSuite administrators, and make sure that the accounting features embedded in NetSuite are optimized


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