NetSuite ERP software For Media and Publishing

Complete management for the media and publishing lifecycles. NetSuite erp software manages business processes end-to-end in one, unified system.

Complete management through software for the media lifecycle. NetSuite erp manages end-to-end business processes within a single, unified system

netsuite erp for media and publishing

NetSuite erp software for Media and Publishing Companies manages all your customers — subscribers and advertisers alike — in one, unified application suite that integrates sales seamlessly with the processes of financial, accounting and order management back-office. NetSuite erp software for Media Companies is based on a host of media companies ‘ experience and best practices, complemented by proven methodology and configuration services for the implementation of professional services.
• Execute sales campaigns within the system and easily measure results.
• Manage all marketing aspects: selling your readership entry orders to advertisers and subscriptions.
• Track advertisements from insertion order through delivery and validation, then produce invoices automatically through personalized schedules of billing.
• Integrate with other market driving tools including DoubleClick, OpenAds and other validation servers.


Order Management

Manage sales and optimize workflow with integration of CRM and invoice. Achieve higher profitability with more precise, integrated forecasts.

Commissions Management

Manage sales fees, build auditable processes and forecast marketing expenditures for complex sales reward management.

Advanced Reporting

Control the quality of advertising as well as the productivity and efficiency of the division closely. Display product subscriptions and monitor expenditures, exchange estimates of billings, and decide how to invest in each media estate to maximize revenue.

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