Business Applications Modernization Assessment

Find out if your organization should consider updating the existing business applications and technology architecture to be more effective or if you’re in a good place right now.

Assess Modernization Requirement for your organization.

We are in the 5th industrial age, where our technological prowess in terms of our business applications can very well determine our survival and growth in today’s fast paced and unforgiving business environment. Every couple of years, it’s advisable to do a “health check” or a modernization assessment of your existing technical infrastructure just to make sure. It’s not always necessary to make changes when it’s not required but staying one step ahead of the curve can help.

We put together a quick assessment form that saves you the trouble of lengthy process. The scoring system is simple, the more points you have, the less likely it is that a modernization is required. We’ve based our assessment on business needs as opposed to an arbitrary line in the sand.  Here is the scale that you need to be aware of.

(75-100) No modernization needs are apparent.
(50-75) A discussion is warranted before a modernization recommendation can be made.
(Less than 50) A modernization is likely needed. Let's put an evaluation plan in place.


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