If you are a NetSuite customer and have multiple vendors that require frequent reconciliation activities then this is for you.

If you are tired of uncovering vendor transaction history for audit or vendor reconciliation purposes, our custom vendor statement helps in reconciling open vendor transactions before making payments to suppliers and vendors, which gives you tight control ensuring that the correct amount is paid out.

We enable you to generate a statement and outstanding balances for any given date and provide open/closed transaction details in a statement format rather than preparing a detailed transaction manually or checking all vendor open invoices manually.

Key Features;-
• Generate a detailed vendor statement with all the requisite transaction history.
• The transaction history can be exported in PDF or Excel formats as per the user’s needs.
• This enhancement also allows one to send the report directly to vendors via email in order to help with any reconciliation.

As an experienced NetSuite partner, this has been a frequently requested feature by our customers.
We’ve developed this feature to enable our customers to have the option of generating an ‘on demand’ statement, since this is frequently requested by customer’s auditors or suppliers and vendors to reconcile their transactions.

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