NetSuite Customers who have a need for calculating discount on each line level (Item level) during a sales transaction. (estimate, sales order and invoice & RMA) can make use of Aarialife’s custom development for line level discount calculation.

NetSuite customers can calculate the line level discount for each item on a sales transaction where mark up and mark downs are managed as opposed to native functionality where one needs to add a separate line item for discounts against each product/service line item on the sales transaction.

Our NetSuite customizations allows the user to pass a discount product wise with different discount percentage wise or actual amount at each line item making the order entry smoother and faster avoiding other manual errors.

Here is a screenshot of what we’ve developed. Need even more details at the line level? ..Get in touch

Above 4 fields are for line wise discount
Item rate – Will source from item master or users can input manually
Discount % – User can put % or value in this field
Discount Amount – Will be calculated automatically
Unit Price – Will be set automatically after discount

After having completed multiple NetSuite implementations, we created this enhancement offering as this is a frequent request by our NetSuite customers. With increased standardization and faster implementation requirements from our customers, offering a standard enhancement with capabilities to customize as per our customer needs just made sense.

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