NetSuite ERP for Manufacturers

From the shop floor to the top floor — the cloud Netsuite ERP software for manufacturers holds the modern producer in sync.

NetSuite’s Cloud ERP software for manufacturers frees you to focus on innovation rather than the burden of maintaining hardware and software.

Netsuite erp software for manufacturers

Each manufacturer, well.. every business is unique and requires the flexibility to change and adapt to today’s changing business conditions and scenarios. A proven, secure, reliable and scalable SuiteCloud platform like NetSuite delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make it your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs.

While it is tempting to stick with the tools and processes that worked for you when your business was a start-up, things begin to evolve rapidly as your business grows from a single product and single geography to multiple products, services and locations. As you grow, you might make do or augment with spreadsheets and stand alone application. This leads to a software hairball and starts to hinder productivity.

When you deploy a powerful cloud ERP like NetSuite, you get the power of the full suite and effectiveness of an interconnected, well oiled organization with access to the right information to make the best decisions and a single version of the truth within your company.

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business with NetSuite


Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to complexity and challenges that impact productivity, efficiency, and profitability. At Aarialife, we understand the unique hurdles faced by manufacturing companies, including:

1. Inefficient Production Processes
Suboptimal production processes often cause delays, increased costs, and reduced competitiveness.
2. Inventory Management challenges
Maintaining optimal inventory levels is crucial, as errors can lead to overstocking, stockouts, and financial losses.
3. Lack of Real-time Visibility
Without real-time insights into production, inventory, and financial data, making informed decisions and responding to demand changes becomes difficult.
4. Complex Supply Chain Coordination
Managing suppliers, shop floor operations, and distribution can be a logistical puzzle, resulting in inefficiencies and delays.


NetSuite's Tailored Answer for Manufacturers

NetSuite, the leading cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, is specifically designed to address the unique needs of manufacturing companies. Here's how NetSuite provides solutions to overcome these challenges:

1. Efficient Production Management
NetSuite's Manufacturing ERP Software streamlines production processes, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and improving product quality.
2. Advanced Inventory Control
NetSuite's Inventory Control ERP features empower manufacturers to efficiently manage inventory, reduce waste, and ensure product availability when needed.
3. Real-time Visibility
With NetSuite, manufacturers gain real-time visibility into production, inventory, and financial data, enabling data-driven decision-making, adaptability to market changes, and enhanced operational efficiency.
4. Streamlined Supply Chain Management
NetSuite's Shop Floor Control ERP and Supply Chain Management ERP capabilities enable better coordination with suppliers, efficient shop floor management, and streamlined distribution.
5. Manufacturing Process Automation
NetSuite's Lean Manufacturing ERP solutions automate various manufacturing processes, reducing errors, accelerating production, and improving overall efficiency.


Empowering Manufacturing Companies with NetSuite

Partnering with Aarialife and implementing NetSuite ERP solutions for manufacturing provides numerous benefits, such as:

1. Enhanced Production Efficiency
Streamlined production processes result in increased efficiency, cost reduction, and improved product quality.
2. Optimal Inventory Management
Efficient inventory control minimizes waste and ensures products are available when needed, minimizing financial losses.
3. Real-time Data Insights
Real-time visibility into critical data empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions, adapt to market changes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
4. Improved Supply Chain Coordination
NetSuite's Shop Floor Control ERP and Supply Chain Management ERP features enhance coordination with suppliers, shop floor management, and distribution.
5. Cost Savings
Reduced errors and optimized production processes lead to cost savings, improving the bottom line.
6. Manufacturing Excellence
NetSuite's Manufacturing Process Automation solutions ensure manufacturing excellence by reducing manual tasks and improving accuracy.

In conclusion, Aarialife, a NetSuite Partner, offers manufacturing companies a comprehensive solution tailored to overcome industry-specific challenges. By leveraging NetSuite’s capabilities, manufacturers can achieve production excellence, enhance supply chain coordination, and position themselves for long-term success in a highly competitive industry. Choose Aarialife to revolutionize your manufacturing business with NetSuite, the best ERP solution in the market. Thrive in the digital age with a partner that understands your unique needs.

Features of NetSuite erp software for manufacturers

Achieve omnichannel performance with an end-to-end cloud software platform for footwear and apparel companies.


Monitor all communications with your customers, please your customers and keep them coming back.

Product Data Management

Manage all of the product data in one spot, simplify the design process, and cut time for new products to market.

Order Management

Take orders with the guarantee you are delivering the right product from the best place at the right price.

Planning and Scheduling

Automatically balance demand and supply, ensuring you have inventory in the right place at the right time.


Manage your vendors and purchasing processes with the visibility to ensure you get the best price and delivery combination.

Production Control

Creating, publishing, updating, and tracking of work orders during production.

Supply Chain

Control and monitor your outsourced manufacturing processes as easily as if they were your own.

Shop Floor Control

Get real-time notifications from the shop floor through our interactive tablet and conventional barcoding program.

Explore a host of features and benefits of the NetSuite Cloud Manufacturing ERP solution:

Product Data Management

  • Ensure production engineering changes propagate end-to-end and are reflected in downstream BOMs, plans and inventories.
  • Extended capabilities for inventory control tracking, planning and costing of items in project-controlled environments. 
  • Deliver more flexibility in costing by supporting comprehensive inventory costing methods including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard and actual costing.
  • Streamline team management using at-a-glance allocations of people with data, processes and business systems.
  • Integrate with other CAD applications and simplify costing by supporting easy importation of BOMs

Order Management

  • Manage all quotes and orders with a centralized system and integrated order-to-cash processes.
  • Intelligent workflow for approval routing, pricing and discounting.
  • Get control over your release-for-fulfillment process. 
  • Save the sale by enabling omnichannel fulfillment from wherever you hold inventory.
  • Optimize fulfillment to meet demand and increase inventory turns while preserving safety stock.
  • Scale your business but keep labor fixed. Efficiently manage fulfillment, eliminate manual work and manage only by exception.
  • Deploy quickly and iterate as the market and your business change.

Planning and Scheduling

  • Real-time scheduling engine—both backwards and forwards.
  • Flexible scheduling code to enable advanced sequencing.
  • Finite and infinite capacity scheduling with user defined constraints. 
  • Multiple graphical representations of the schedule.
  • Drag and drop scheduled operations for manual override.


  • Manage multiple locations with ease.
  • Optimize inventory levels.
  • Simplify the ordering process for your users.
  • Enforce multi-level approval workflows. 
  • Control spend with blanket PO’s and purchasing contracts

Production Control

  • Location specific configuration of production control.
  • Automatic status updates with workflow.
  • Real-time view of in-process work orders.
  • Batch updates for completing and closing orders. 

Supply Chain Management

  • Global, real-time view of inventory status.
  • Vendor, CM and 3PL Location management.
  • Full Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning.
  • Easily collaborate with your supply chain partners.

Shop Floor Control

  • Powerful, easy-to-use functionality increases user satisfaction and data accuracy. 
  • Real-time updates from manufacturing enable you to make educated decisions that affect your business operations.
  • User configurable tablet application allows users to optimize the system on the fly.
  • Native application designed from the ground up as part of Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Issue materials, enter production, record downtime and identify quality issues as they happen.

Quality Control

  • Improved product quality.
  • Define and maintain inspection plans.
  • Collect in-process and incoming inspection results.
  • Compare to pass / fail criteria.
  • Integrated non-conformance reporting.
  • Reduced cost of quality.

As a Manufacturing company grows, one realizes that the business is not just about managing the manufacturing process. A modern business needs functions like:

NetSuite’s cloud manufacturing software suite offers a complete solution that benefits your entire organization. With NetSuite’s manufacturing solution you can manage engineering, planning, forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, order management, warranty and repairs, after sales support and product data management.

With NetSuite, you will have the option managing your global supply chain or multi subsidiary business with ease with NetSuite OneWorld. Manufacturing companies streamline multisubsidiary operations and provides real-time visibility at the local, regional and corporate levels. With NetSuite OneWorld, companies can develop standard business processes and deploy them across their divisions and subsidiaries at the click of a button, ensuring compliance of standard processes worldwide. Business heads and other stakeholders can get a real-time view of their business performance and drill down into key metrics within an organization’s global operations enabling them to make important course corrections and project changes out into the future.

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