NetSuite ERP For Non-profit Organizations

Netsuite cloud based erp suite is best suited for non-profit organizations of all sizes.

NetSuite Offers A Suite Of Cloud Based ERP Softwares Designed For Non-profit Organizations Of All Sizes Through The Social Impact Program To Boost Operations And Extend Their Mission.

netsuite erp for non-profit organizations

NetSuite allows your development and Finance teams to work together in harmony. With the ability to breakdown application silos, NetSuite allows you to simply focus on your core mission rather than maintaining different systems and applications. NetSuite allows you to strengthen your donor and supporter relationships, so that you can deliver more effective programs

The program’s three pillars ensure that all nonprofits around the
world are able to successfully adopt, use and increase their effect on NetSuite throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Suite Donation

Providing a base donation and activation of the NetSuite platform designed for the sector for non-profits of all sizes.

Suite Pro Bono

Partnering with NetSuite staff and non-profit companies to address problems and more efficiently use NetSuite.

Suite Capacity

Capacity building through the NetSuite community, resources, and educational offerings.


    Product Features

    Financials and Accounting

    Increase productivity of employees, close books more efficiently and exploit reliable reporting tools that provide real-time insight into financial performance.

    Fund Accounting

    Gain complete visibility into restricted/unrestricted fund balances and grant contributions at transactional and summary levels. Use over 250 standard and customized reports and dashboards with real-time access to the financial and operational performance using NetSuite’s customized Reporting Engine.

    Automated FASB Reporting

    Eliminate guesswork, and manual export and manipulation of data by your external consulting team. With NetSuite, it’s “done for you” with built-in FASB-defined reporting based on custom GL Segments and a template UCOA approved Chart of Accounts mapped closely to Form 990 line items, customizable by you.

    KPIs, Roles and Dashboards

    Drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards.

    CRM and Marketing

    Monitor success of promotions, monitor reward rewards of sales and obtain a real-time view of customer interactions across all business channels.

    Program Efficiency Tracking

    With NetSuite’s built in scorecard, you can align definitions of success across the organization using Charity Navigator recommended governance metrics for Fundraising Efficiency, Program Efficiency, Administrative Ratio, Fundraising Ratio, Cash Flow to Total Debt, and Contributions Ratio.

    Simplified, Flexible Financial Segmentation

    Streamline your organization’s Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments to achieve complete visibility into the source and use of funds.

    Expand Your Mission in the Cloud Globally

    Expand your mission globally and focus your resources on achieving social impact, not managing Information Technology complexity.

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