NetSuite  SRP Analytics

Professional Services & Consulting Companies

Get Real-time Insight In The Performance Of A Project

The organization needs clear visibility in team performance and project results to maximize profits and operations. NetSuite offers comprehensive dashboards, monitoring and analytical tools that provide the service organization with a real-time view.

The dashboards and reporting tools from NetSuite allow you to track, report and evaluate overall real-time project results, including resource utilization, profit margins, project budgets versus actual and more. From executive to project manager, each stakeholder can immediately see personalized reports with the most important metrics.

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Real-Time & Personalized Dashboards

Personalized real-time dashboards provide alerts and one-click access to vital project data and customize per user.

Powerful Analytics To Meet Your Present And Rising Needs

NetSuite provides a comprehensive reporting package that allows you to create customizable reports and list views, as well as sorting and filtering capabilities.

Collaborative Self-service Monitoring

Use and change pre-configured reports of professional services and create powerful historical and forecast reports, including billing and use.


Make Data Driven Decisions

Gain insights and make better decisions with overview dashboards showing your vital KPIs and enabling you to concentrate on the success of your company.

Drive Project Performance

Track the productivity and efficiency of the project closely, view the use of resources and estimates of billing, consider the backlog and see the status of the timetable.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Eliminate data based on spreadsheets with real-time web-based reporting. Reduce hunting time for key metrics with personalized dashboards based on positions.

Improve Collaboration

Enhance cooperation by ensuring that each stakeholder works in the same common perspective.

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