SuiteBilling: Invoice and Billing Management

Professional Services & Consulting Companies

Synchronizing Complex Processes from Order to Billing to Revenue Recognition

SuiteBilling turns billing into a competitive differentiator from a stodgy, back-office feature by putting it at the center of the company. The Centralized Billing System of NetSuite supports purchases, subscriptions, usage-based, and any of its hybrid models, all while monitoring revenue efficiently and in accordance with the new revenue recognition standards. NetSuite is an innovative and advanced solution, providing unprecedented control and versatility over the processes of billing and revenue management. SuiteBilling is a centralized platform that embraces the continuum of monetization models and enables consumers in today’s marketplace to be agile, creative and competitive.

Key Capabilities

  • The central cohesive system ties sales, subscriptions and projects with the billing engine and flows seamlessly to finance.
  • Allows subscription creation and management (including value based / usage subscriptions) and support for recurring billing with complete alignment of advanced revenue management and compliance with ASC 606.
  • Provides for developing and maintaining complex rating models, often in conjunction with high volume transactions.

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