Expense Management

Professional Services & Consulting Companies

Maximize The Spending Cycle Efficiency And Timeliness

Expense reduction is important in a billable service organization. This method should be as user-friendly and versatile as possible in order to improve the quality and timeliness of expense reporting and overall cost control and connect directly with project management and project accounting.

NetSuite Expense Management provides powerful features that improve efficiency, enable better monitoring and compliance, optimize expense reporting accuracy and timeliness, and enhance overall experience.

Learn how to better manage your business with Professional Services Automation focused on the cloud.

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Flexible, Correct Entry And Reporting Of Expenses

Customize expenditure management business rules, integrate expenditure from multiple projects into a single expenditure report, and generate and apply expenditure reports from mobile devices.

Enhanced Approvals Of Expenses And Workflows

Monitor expenditure reports through the lifecycle submission / approval, display an auditable system history for each report and generate overdue notices for approval of expenditure reports.

Simple, Straightforward Interface

Expenditure reports are one of the Professional Services Automation solution's main touchpoints. We make this weekly task easy, increasing adoption and accuracy by developing a simple, easy-to-learn interface.

Collect all costs with the simple interface of NetSuite and ensure that each entry is correct. Efficient approvals are made possible by versatile workflow.


Powers Employee Productivity

Submit expenses from anywhere—via web browser or mobile device. Photograph receipts with an iPhone.

Flexible and Customizable

Get fast, marked improvement in spending and customer satisfaction by embedding in the solution logical project accounting and simple organizational techniques.

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Improve accuracy by combining Expense Management with Project Management and NetSuite ERP to reduce duplication of data recording of expenditures.

Improved Visibility & Control

Through self-service timetable monitoring and approvals, users have access and power, including leave tracking and holiday or vacation time.

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