Resource Management

Professional Services & Consulting Companies

Full visibility in the Management of Resources and Skills

Good resource management is a priority for all executives working in professional services to maximize profit margins, boost billable usage, attract top talent and increase customer satisfaction.

You will ensure that the best people are operating on the right tasks with NetSuite Resource Management, based on real-time project schedules as the project develops. NetSuite is a robust resource management system that helps you handle the most common criteria for project resource management.

Learn how to better manage your business with Professional Services Automation focused on the cloud.

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Streamline Demands And Reservations For Services

Similar or common resources are efficiently monitored and allocated by identifying multiple types of bookings and similar timeframes are allocated to provide in-depth visibility.

Predict And Allocate Resources Proactively

Automate the use and allocation of resources with integrated graphical reports. Emphasis on common resource planning and staffing.

Tracking And Testing Advanced Skills

Check and allocate resources across various parameters. Use intuitive visual representation to find the right people and monitor usage and availability.

Versatile Resource Planner displays the resources of your teams, identifying trouble spots and enabling you to extend the scope of any resource.


Gain Complete Project Visibility

Ensure complete clarity in the use of services, profiles of abilities, reservations, and more.

Optimize Profit Margins And Cost-effectiveness

Improvement Of Efficiency And Productivity

Estimate Project Profitability

Display and evaluate the revenue, margin and the related metrics.

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Robust monitoring of usage helps you to pick the most working hours, available hours, scheduled hours, and more metrics.

Centralized Management And Allocation Of Capital

Automate requests and reservations for resource management with flexible workflows and automate project teams using a single global resource pool.

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