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netsuite for transportation and logisticsAdvances in technology and changes in the way goods are purchased and sold create complexity as well as opportunities for transport and logistics companies. Competitive international markets and an increasingly digitized omni channel supply chain ensure that data-driven insights are a must. Transport and logistics firms need key financial resources to keep up as they manage the ever-changing global landscape. Netsuite erp for transportation and logistics companies does just that.


Beat the competition with the versatility of a 21st century ERP system.


Using NetSuite to handle the digital supply chain for command, visibility and brand planning.


Buyer’s 360-degree view across all platforms and contact points.

Product Features

Financials and Accounting

Increase productivity of employees, close books more efficiently and exploit reliable reporting tools that provide real-time insight into financial performance.

Inventory Management

Eliminate channel stock silos and achieve the optimal product range. Avoid stock-outs, free cash flow and deliver commitments across all platforms with a single instance of inventory information.

Order Management

Accelerate the order-to-cash process, reduce the cost of holding inventory and allow omnichannel operations by linking sales, financing and order fulfillment to pricing, sales order management and return management.

Supply Chain Management

Improve efficiencies, streamline processes and provide a better understanding of the value of the bottom line while maintaining the right product balance across the company.

CRM and Marketing

Monitor success of promotions, monitor reward rewards of sales and obtain a real-time view of customer interactions across all business channels.

Point of Sale

Provide the sales associates with a 360-degree omnichannel view of stock and customer information to more efficiently engage buyers, generate more purchases, fulfill orders, and provide an excellent shopping experience.


Scale operations and support from a single trading platform your international wholesale, retail and multi-brand sector.

B2B and B2C

NetSuite’s omnichannel software has you covered, whether you sell direct-to-consumer, to distributors or both.

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