NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution Companies

Grow your Wholesale Distribution business with NetSuite erp for wholesale distribution that has the technology and platform built for the cloud used by over 40,000 customers worldwide.

NetSuite: Revolutionizing Wholesale Distribution with Cloud ERP

Customers today want fast shipping, free shipping & product available at all times using any device and in any geographical location. As a distributor you need to be ready to deliver as per customer demands or be ready to lose business – not an option right? Customers today expect Omnichannel commerce i.e. a consistent shopping experience whether a customer chooses a retailer or supplier. A perfect order made through omnichannel commerce will be shipped for free within a day or two. It will be accurate, complete, damage-free, easily returned, and competitively priced.

NetSuite ERP for wholesale distribution can help you manage every part of your business through a single platform. All of your business data is connected. With NetSuite, you can meet the demands of 21st century consumers while improving your efficiency and adding to your bottom line.



As a wholesale distribution company, you face a unique set of challenges that can impact your
profitability and growth. These challenges include managing inventory, meeting customer
demands, adapting to new technologies, and maintaining compliance with regulations.
Fortunately, NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution can help you overcome these challenges
and achieve your business goals.


Overcoming Obstacles in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Wholesale distribution companies are pivotal in ensuring efficient product delivery to retailers and end consumers. However, they often face challenges that impede growth and profitability. Aarialife understands the unique needs of wholesale distribution and offers tailored solutions. Some key challenges faced by the industry include:

1. Inefficient Inventory Management

  • Struggles in maintaining optimal inventory levels that can result in increased costs or missed sales opportunities.

2. Complex Supply Chain Management

  • Difficulties in coordinating suppliers, managing multiple warehouses, and ensuring timely deliveries.

3. Lack of Real-time Visibility

  • Decision-makers face challenges due to a lack of real-time insights into inventory, sales, and financial data.

4. Manual Processes and Errors

  • Relying on manual processes for order entry, fulfillment, and invoicing can lead to errors, increased costs, and unsatisfied customers.


NetSuite - The Leading Wholesale Distribution ERP

NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP software, is designed to address the specific needs of wholesale distribution companies. It offers comprehensive solutions that tackle industry challenges such as:

1. Efficient Inventory Management

  • NetSuite provides robust inventory management features, enabling optimal stock levels, reducing costs, and preventing stockouts. The software includes demand forecasting and real-time inventory tracking for data-driven decision-making.

2. Streamlined Supply Chain Management

  • NetSuite's supply chain management capabilities help businesses efficiently manage suppliers, warehouses, and logistics. It automates procurement processes, streamlines order fulfillment, and provides complete visibility into the entire supply chain.

3. Real-time Visibility

  • Gain real-time insights into your business data with NetSuite. Utilize customizable dashboards and reports to have a 360-degree view of your operations. Make quick, informed decisions and adapt to changing market conditions.

4. Automation and Error Reduction

  • NetSuite automates various processes, including order processing, invoicing, and financial management. This reduces manual errors, decreases labor costs, and enhances customer satisfaction through faster order fulfillment.


Partnering with Aarialife for Wholesale ERP Success

By partnering with Aarialife and leveraging NetSuite's capabilities, wholesale distribution companies can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

1. Increased Efficiency

  • Streamlined operations, automated processes, and real-time visibility lead to increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.

2. Improved Customer Service

  • Quick order processing, accurate invoicing, and on-time deliveries enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Scalability

  • NetSuite's flexible architecture allows businesses to easily scale as they grow, adapting to changing market demands.

4. Enhanced Decision-making

  • Access to real-time data empowers executives with the insights needed for strategic decision-making that drives growth.

5. Cost Savings

  • Reduced manual labor and optimized inventory management result in cost savings, improving the bottom line.

6. Compliance and Security

  • NetSuite ensures compliance with industry regulations and offers robust security measures to protect sensitive business data.

At Aarialife, we understand the significant role that a Wholesale Distribution ERP plays in the success of your business. Our team of experts specializes in cloud ERP solutions for wholesale distribution companies. Partner with Aarialife and experience personalized support, tailored solutions, and unrivaled expertise. Let us guide you towards wholesale ERP success, enabling your business to thrive in the digital age

Explore how NetSuite ERP for wholesle distribution can transform your business?


Inventory Management

Managing inventory levels effectively is essential for wholesale distributors to avoid stockouts or overstocking, which can result in lost sales and increased carrying costs.

Inventory Management module provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, demand forecasts, and supplier performance. It also offers advanced inventory control features, such as lot and serial tracking, bin management, and cycle counting.

With NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution, you can optimize your inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and minimize stockouts.


Meeting Customer Demands

Wholesale distributors need to meet customer demands for fast, reliable, and accurate service.

NetSuite's Order Management module provides a unified platform for order processing, order fulfillment, and delivery tracking. It also offers advanced features, such as automated order routing, real-time inventory availability, and customer self-service portals.

With NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution, you can provide personalized service, build customer loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.


Adapting to New Technologies

Wholesale distributors need to adapt to new technologies, such as e-commerce platforms, mobile devices, and data analytics, to remain competitive and meet customer demands.

NetSuite's SuiteCommerce platform provides a flexible and scalable e-commerce solution that can integrate with other systems. It also offers advanced features, such as real-time inventory availability, personalized product recommendations, and mobile-responsive design. With NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution, you can launch and manage your e-commerce operations, improve customer engagement, and increase sales.


Maintaining Compliance

Wholesale distributors need to comply with various regulations, such as safety regulations, environmental regulations, and tax regulations, which can impact their operations and profitability.

NetSuite's Financial Management module provides a comprehensive and configurable platform that can support various compliance requirements. It also offers advanced features, such as multi-currency support, tax management, and financial reporting. With NetSuite ERP for Wholesale
Distribution, you can maintain compliance, reduce risk, and improve financial visibility.

Explore why over 40,000 customers trust NetSuite to grow?

NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution has helped thousands of companies achieve their business goals by providing a unified and scalable platform that can support their unique needs.
According to a study by Nucleus Research, NetSuite customers have seen an average return on investment (ROI) of 431% and payback period of 6.2 months. They have also reported increased productivity, improved financial visibility, and reduced IT costs. With NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution, you can streamline your operations, improve customer service, and grow
your business.

Find our how you can compete with Amazon using NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution

At Aarialife Technologies, we specialize in helping wholesale distribution companies implement and optimize NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution. Our team of experts can help you customize NetSuite to meet your specific business needs, provide training and support to your staff, and ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you overcome your pain points and achieve your business goals with NetSuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution.

netsuite for wholesale distribution business growth

Here are a few ways you can win:

How can today’s distribution businesses transform to meet the needs of today’s customers?

Focus On Making Ecommerce A Viable Option For Your Customers

Distribution businesses today need to acknowledge that today’s B2B buyers are increasingly tech savvy. Baby Boomers are making way for the new generation to occupy management and procurement positions who increasingly shop on their smartphones and tablets. They expect content rich websites with information that can help them make a purchase decision and ecommerce functionalities that enables them complete their transactions in one place. They are seldom patient when they are made to wait or have a clunky online experience and will likely divert their business to a more technologically easy to use vendor or distributor. As a result having ecommerce capability is no longer an option but a necessity.

Engaging Content That Communicates Your Expertise

Today’s buyers crave functionality and convenience along with information that is clear, concise and credible such that it enables them to make a decision. If you are able to provide this information, they are more likely to buy from you. In essence you are creating a win-win situation for your buyer by providing the ease of buying and credibility in information.

Rich, online content also increases website rankings and traffic through organic search and provides resources to boost your email marketing efforts.

You need to move with the times constantly as once you have your customer’s attention, you need to work hard retaining it. As a result you will have to think of and implement new ideas to maintain customer loyalty and as a direct result you will need a platform that can keep up with your ideas as your business scales new heights.

Often smaller, independent distributors are at a disadvantage to national or international operations. With limited resources, independents may suffer from poor inventory management, outdated technology, insufficient finances to support growth, and the like. When these struggles become evident, even loyal customers may feel obliged to move to a distributor who can offer more products for less money.

Explore NetSuite for a better way

NetSuite levels the playing field with a solution that modernizes your distribution infrastructure, enabling independents to operate efficiently and compete more readily against larger players. Additionally, NetSuite grows with your business so you stay ahead of the curve year after year. By implementing the right technology to accentuate your particular offering of services and expertise, your wholesale distribution business can compete and succeed.

Ready to take your wholesale distribution business to the next level with NetSuite ERP?

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