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Professional Services Automation Software (Netsuite PSA)

Reboot your Business Performance with NetSuite Professional Services Automation Software

Reboot your complete Bid-to-Bill process with Professional Services Automation Software (PSA) solutions powered by NetSuite, designed to meet the growing demands of your services delivery business. Implement simple solutions that are easy manage and navigate. NetSuite’s powerful configurability and capability extends effortlessly to include the evolving nature of your business. Ensure effective project management, resource management, project accounting, billing and invoicing, whenever you need them to boost your business effortlessly.

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Project Management

Solid project management systems ensure project managers and team members are able to easily manage projects in real-time, staying updated on project status and troubleshooting when required. It also equips project managers to identify and proactively resolve potential issues and pain points in the project cycle.

Resource Management

Ensuring skilled and qualified resources are working on projects is the cornerstone of resource management. Optimize staffing and utilization by minimising bench while asserting the right task force on key projects.

Project Accounting

Seamlessly integrate project operations with the financials to ensure accurate accounting and billing throughout the term of the project. Streamlining time and cost management, along with effective reporting capabilities will simplify accountability in the long run.


The efficacy offered via our timesheet feature re-enforces PSA’s remote working capabilities. Easily customizable, users can capture detailed timesheets from anywhere—stay up-to-date whether you are in the office or on-to-go.

Timesheet Management

Our customizable timepiece app, one of the highest touchpoints in a PSA solution, allows users to quickly and easily capture informative timepieces in the office or on the road.

Expense Management

Enhance productivity and accuracy of your business by enabling better tracking and compliance through expense management. Foster transparency with detailed timelines of expense reporting that enriches the user experience.


Equip your business with featured analytical tools, robust reporting, and analytical tools that provide real-time, on-demand data. Stay connected every step along the way as you track, evaluate, and analyze overall project output.

Your Business Simplified

The PSA solution from NetSuite offers a host of benefits that enhances visibility within your organization, helps boost resource utilization, streamlines invoice and billing, and ensures on-time project performance which accelerates growth and profitability.

The combination of Project Management, Resource Management, Project Accounting, Timesheet and Expense Management, plus Analytics, powers valuable tools critical to achieve complete business automation.

A one-stop-solution to all your growing services delivery business that’s on-point and robust, NetSuite Professional Services Automation simplifies and empowers, all at once. 

  • Lead with accuracy and insight to drive your organization’s performance capabilities and profitability.
  • Improve turn-around time for projects while cashing in on success rates.
  • Learn effective resource utilization through management tools that improve functionality.
  • Empower your services team with mobile access to timesheet and expense management.
  • Upgrade to hassle-free cloud-based system that instantly reduces hardware maintenance costs.

Unified System

NetSuite PSA leads automation by being the first cloud native solution that brings together ERP and professional services in a single unified system. It addresses the business needs and requirements of both product and services organizations seamlessly by:

• Automating and handling key business processes throughout the bid-to-bill lifecycle, providing them with what they need to remain competitive, achieve productivity, deliver quality services, and satisfy customers.
• Enabling omni-business model billing for effective service delivery across services. From fixed fee, to milestone logging, to time-and-material management, everything of consequence is covered by NetSuite PSA.
• Providing on-the-go professional access to business information in real-time; anytime, anywhere, while foster greater communication across your enterprise.
• Enhancing date-driven analysis, strategic and tactical decisions, achieve comprehensive visibility through financial back-office and front-office activities that improve project productivity and optimize the use of billable resources. Adopt effective informative business metrics that goes a long way in building a robust system.
• Addressing the needs of organizations spread across the world, simplify processes effectively. PSA provides you with real-time visibility, integrated financials, resource allocation, corporate-to-subsidiary service management, and individual project level tools, across geographies, currencies, and tax jurisdictions.

The unified system offers an array of solutions for service delivery organizations that want to boost visibility and control their organization’s processes. From identification of sales for different revenue streams and centralized billing, to running and expanding your business, from professional services teams embedded within software companies, to marketing and creative teams, from specialty services teams, to management consulting organizations, NetSuite promises efficacy and astuteness in growing your business and keeping it future forward.


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How Professional Services Organizations Achieve Seamless Lead to Cash Automation with NetSuite

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