Recharge Your Business With A Future-Ready Cloud-Based Software Solution: NetSuite v/s Sage


“Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities.”


With the digital age transforming businesses at the click of a button, it is natural for organizations to re-evaluate the software they are using, in order to accelerate growth to remain future-proof and resilient in the long run. As is the case with any business looking to scale, there is a growing need for financial systems and processes to run with the least friction, diminishing any pain points that act as hindrances. Here’s where two of the strongest ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solutions in the market i.e NetSuite vs Sage go head-to-head in seizing market share for the services they offer.

It is a no-brainer that agile, efficient, and productive software solutions help businesses grow. In a research on financial systems conducted by Loudhouse (a UK based B2B research firm delivering buyer insights to help clients in technology), the long troubling impact of choosing an archaic and outdated software was clearly highlighted. Given the need of the hour where real-time updates are critical to enhancing remote-working capabilities, it is necessary that you are well-informed and clued in on what sets the two market leaders apart. Here, we deep dive on the features and origin story so that you are able to make the right choice as you consciously choose to surround yourself with assets, not liabilities.


Origin story of the market leaders: NetSuite Vs Sage


An American company focussed on business optimization, created by Evan Goldberg in 1998, NetSuite was founded and based in California, US. What started as an accounting software solutions company soon grew into a well-rounded business management services provider, which was later taken over by Oracle in 2016 in a $9.3 billion acquisition. As a cloud-based platform, NetSuite seamlessly integrates existing solution to upgraded systems and processes for easier and more efficient workflow management. With minimum downtime and worldwide access from mobile and desktop, NetSuite services can be tailored to organisations looking to grow.


Sage was founded in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in England in 1981. Like NetSuite, the company was initially set up to provide accounting software for small business, however, it soon started providing enterprise resource planning and service resource planning solutions. It offers the flexibility of the software being available on premise, or solely on cloud. Additionally, Sage has a range of products, under various business types and key areas of focus which give the client a wide range to choose from, but can make integration cumbersome and scattered in the long run.


Benefits to consider before you make your choice. NetSuite vs Sage

  1. Staying ahead of the curve: Although Sage extends software solutions that extend to various industry types making your purchase extremely nuanced and specific to your business interest, chances are that your Sage software will require a fresh implementation in a few years. While you always have the option to upgrade to the next Sage product, NetSuite has a clear competitive edge that supports a business looking to scale without the hassle of staying tuned for the next best product.
  2. Ensuring all your needs are met: Given the unforeseeable nature of what the future holds for you despite your meticulous planning, it’s critical that you don’t struggle with a fragmented and disconnected business. Instead, boost productivity and be more competitive with a unified cloud business management suite provided by NetSuite which boots productivity and streamlines key processes.
  3. Getting timely insights: Improving brand visibility is possible only when you get timely insights into how your business is performing across the board. NetSuite’s real-time metrics and role-based dashboards for quick access help your business in not only being compliant but accelerating financial closures.
  4. Streamlining back office processes for smooth functioning: It is imperative that there are no errors diminishing your return on investment when using a software solution which takes care of your entire enterprise. With NetSuite you can easily integrate between financials, CRM and ecommerce.
  5. Inclusivity through language and currency: When your company is working in different languages or countries, Sage offers the multi-currency option as an add on, unlike NetSuite which will include it in its Suite package. You can flourish with the same ease while working in different languages including French, German and Japanese while using NetSuite, making the operation truly multinational. As far as global accounting is concerned, you need a software which helps you make your lives easier with global consolidation, internal compliance and regulatory features, all of which are well integrated in NetSuite.


Choose A Future-Forward Solution

Engaging an ERP partner like Aarialife early on is essential to getting demos and testing free trial versions to satisfy your core business requirements. While looking to scale and grow your business NetSuite offers upgrades on Sage product that you might have outgrown. With highly customizable features, NetSuite wins ease of integration. With NetSuite you can cut financial close times and quote-to-cash cycle times by up to 50% and drive down invoicing costs by up to 75%.

As per data, more than 21,000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories run their business on NetSuite. Given the inbuilt engineering of the suite to scale you can easily navigate through a host of features inbuilt within a unified system. From CRM, ERP, PSA, HCM, ecommerce, global financials to built-in analytics, NetSuite accelerates growth and drives innovation.

With a firm handle on the future, no wonder NetSuite continues to be the leading cloud-based software solution provider!

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