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Employees Payroll Processed Every Month

The easiest way for NetSuite customers in Canada to manage payroll across all Canadian Provinces and stay compliant.

PayBuddy from Aarialife Technologies is a Canadian Payroll Software that allows Canadian NetSuite customers or having a subsidiary in Canada to easily manage and process their payroll from within the comfort of NetSuite to create a fully integrated and unified end to end business management platform. You even get a bonus add on for leave management.


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For NetSuite customers in Canada, PayBuddy by Aarialife Technologies ensures your companies payroll system is fully stacked with features that help in seamless end-to end management, along with staying compliant. Thanks to its inbuilt functionality, the Canadian payroll software creates a fully integrated and unified platform, that not only helps streamline payment processes, but enables timely payment and leave management.

Easily Onboard and Manage Employee Taxes

Manage weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Pay cycles

Pay Employees on time with confidence

Applicable for all Canadian provinces including Quebec

Payroll Dashboards

Generate Payslips and T4’s

Generate Payroll reports for all pay cycles

Stay Compliant with your Payroll remittance to CRA

Pay Employees on time with confidence

Manage Payroll Approval process as desired

Customize your Employee HR inputs that’s applicable to your organization

Comprehensive Leave Management: Manage Leave types and balances, leave application approval, leave dashboard

Why Your Business Needs PayBuddy – Canadian Payroll Software

Simplify all your payroll management needs today!

Helps You Grow

Easily onboards and manages employee taxes as your company grows in scale

Boost Productivity

Break free from tired old processes and integrations that are time consuming and expensive

User Friendly Interface

Enables easy payroll and close automatically

Planning Made Easy

Manages weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment cycles

Timely Payroll System

Ensures employees are paid on time and with confidence

Built For NetSuite

Works for all NetSuite customers across all Canadian provinces including Quebec

Well Balanced

Robust leave management keeps you updated on types of leaves and balances, leave application approval, and leave dashboard

Manages Processes Effectively

Quickly and efficiently generates payslips and T 4’s

Insight Driven

Generates payroll reports for all pay cycles across the board


Provides automatic financial reconciliation as you say goodbye to manual double entry.


Helps you manage payroll approval processes more efficiently


Employee HR inputs can be customised to be integrated into the organization

Unified Platform

The payroll dashboards provide a comprehensive view of everything in one place

Future-Proof Your Company with PayBuddy

A native NetSuite application powered by Aarialife Technologies for NetSuite customers in Canada, with PayBuddy you ensure your companies sensitive data stays within NetSuite’s robust ecosystem. Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, you can easily manage your payroll processes remotely and efficiently across industries.

• eCommerce • Wholesale Distribution • Manufacturers • Software Companies • Transport & Logistics • Food & Beverages • Healthcare & Life Sciences • Media & Publishing • Professional • Services/ Consulting Agencies • Digital Agencies • Financial Services • Non-Profit Organisations • Apparels, Footwear & Accessories


Without CRA obligations being met it is impossible to stay compliant in Canada. Unlike other payroll software’s in a crowded marketplace, PayBuddy has been especially built for NetSuite customers in Canada.


We are a native NetSuite application which means that all your sensitive payroWe are a native NetSuite application which means that all your sensitive payroll data remains safe and secure within the software ecosystem.


The comprehensive leave management feature helps you create and manage leaves and balances within the system, process approval and leave applications with ease, lets employees view their leave balances and apply for leaves, stitches together multi-level approvals, unifying the entire payroll process seamlessly.

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