Zoho CRM and Salesforce are both popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, but there are some key differences between them:

  • Pricing: When compared to Salesforce.com, Zoho CRM has a more affordable pricing structure, making it a popular alternative for small to medium-sized organisations.
  • Zoho CRM offers more customization options, allowing organisations to customise their CRM system to their exact needs without requiring substantial technical knowledge.
  • Integrations: Both Zoho CRM and Salesforce.com support a wide range of third-party tools and software, but Zoho CRM has more built-in integrations, including Zoho’s suite of business apps.
  • Zoho CRM offers a more user-friendly interface and is simpler to operate than Salesforce.com.
  • Mobile App: Zoho CRM has a sophisticated mobile app that allows sales professionals to access and update CRM data while on the road.
  • Support: While Salesforce offers a variety of customer support alternatives, including email, phone, and live chat help, as well as a community forum, Zoho’s support is a key differentiator due to the following;-
  1. Availability: Zoho offers phone, email, and chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while Salesforce.com only offers phone and email help during business hours.
  2. Response time: Zoho has a reputation for providing prompt responses, with most enquiries receiving a response within a few hours. Response times for Salesforce.com might vary depending on the severity of the issue and the support plan.
  3. Self-help resources: To assist users in troubleshooting issues on their own, Zoho provides a wide collection of online resources, including a knowledge base, user forums, and video tutorials. Salesforce.com has a large knowledge base as well, although some users may find it more difficult to browse.
  4. Zoho provides personalised service to its clients by providing a dedicated account manager to each account. Account managers are provided by Salesforce.com for higher-tier support plans.


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