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The Business-to-Business (B2B) buyer of yesteryear is long gone. With large global ecommerce brands, such as Amazon, Google, eBay and Alibaba, transforming the online B2B space, businesses have no time to spare to develop and improve their B2B commerce experience. If you’re not taking steps to bring your business online, you’ll be left behind. If you launched your website years ago, you must move beyond first and second generation technology and innovate the buying experience to support your customers’ expectations.

However, succeeding at B2B commerce takes more than an attractive website. Companies need to create sites that engage business customers, maximize their buying efforts and save them time. Oracle’s NetSuite ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce, easily adapts and scales to the unique B2B selling and buying scenarios your industry requires. SuiteCommerce not only provides an online web store, but also delivers to your customers password-protected, self-service capabilities to manage all aspects of their business relationship.

“We started our journey looking for an ecommerce platform—when we started looking at NetSuite, we realized there was an opportunity we had by being on the same platform for ecommerce and ERP.”
Shridhar Shah, CIO & VP of Marketing, MES
Multiple SystemsSingle Platform
Customer InformationCustomer data is siloed in channel-specific systems and often inaccurate and redundant.A single cross-channel view of a customer that enables consistent and personalized service and offers, builds loyalty and grows lifetime value.
InventoryVisibility restricted to specific channels, limiting the capability to efficiently manage inventory.Accurate, real-time inventory visibility across the entire enterprise helps optimize decisions for profitable fulfillment processes and also meet customer delivery expectations.
OrdersCustomer expectations fall short with limited ability to manage orders across multiple channels.Centrally manage orders from multiple channels to meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere, process orders faster and lower operational costs.
ReturnsCross-channel returns and exchanges are not possible, or are manual and costly to process.Accept returns from all channels, fulfill exchanges, manage credit processing and ensure saleable items return to inventory.
ItemsItem data and attributes managed in silos, generating multiple versions of the same data.Consolidate and centrally manage item data and attributes across all channels from a single source of truth.
Pricing & PromotionsGiovanni RovelliPrices and promotions are easily rolled out across channels or customer segments.


With SuiteCommerce, your web store natively unifies with your back-end operational systems of order and inventory management, ERP and CRM. This eliminates the challenge of integrating and maintaining separate systems. You also get the ultimate in business agility with a cloud-based solution that will reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies and removes the hassles of managing hardware and software.


Rapidly deploy and manage multiple B2B and B2C sites on the same platform by using the same content and infrastructure to create custom sites and catalogs. Manufacturers and distributors can offer direct-to- consumer online sales and support the traditional B2B channel.


Expand your business around the world from a single platform that supports multiple languages, tax rates and currencies. All the while, you can easily consolidate multi-subsidiary reporting.

“By adopting the NetSuite unified cloud-based system, we have lowered IT costs, streamlined our business and improved the customer experience.”

James Bonomo, COO, Regina Andrew Design


B2B buyers now expect B2B ecommerce sites to deliver the same customer experience they enjoy on B2C websites. SuiteCommerce offers a platform to enable whatever commerce experiences you choose.


Fully optimized for mobile, SuiteCommerce uses responsive web design so your site automatically rescales and resizes when accessed from any tablet or smartphone.


With a single source of all customer information, you can increase sales by segmenting customers to drive engaging and personalized shopping experiences, marketing campaigns and promotions.


With SuiteCommerce, your business can offer a B2C-like customer experience with a variety of features, including:

• Faceted Navigation: Enable shoppers to quickly find products by category and other attributes such as price, color and manufacturer.
• Site-Search: Optimize search results by providing capabilities including type-ahead recommendations and customized search criteria settings.
• Product Imagery: Showcase products with an enhanced product gallery.
• Social Sharing: Increase user engagement by sharing content on popular social networks.
• Rating and Reviews: Enable brand enthusiasts to share their product insights and experiences.


Many organizations have traditional ERP systems at the center of their enterprises dating back a decade or more and loosely integrated with a patchwork of specialized point systems. Disparate legacy systems are batch-based, error-prone and share only a fraction of available data, resulting in fragmented information in siloed systems, scattered across the enterprise.

With a single, unified platform, fragmented sources of data are consolidated into a single repository to create a single source of customer, inventory and order data that allows merchants to provide a more consistent and relevant customer experience while streamlining operations, better managing suppliers and stock, speeding fulfillment, and improving customer service.


Moving your business online can streamline the purchasing process but your customers still expect the same pricing and discounts they’ve traditionally received when doing business direct with their sales reps.


With SuiteCommerce, your business can offer a B2C-like customer experience with a variety of features, including:

• Pricing, Terms and Credit Limits: Offer the same tailored pricing, terms and credit limits to your buyers online that they receive offline. You can also set different pricing levels for the same item for different customers and offer channel or volume discounts. In addition, you can require visitors to login before viewing pricing information.
• Product Lists: Allow customers to quickly create custom lists of favorite or frequently purchased items to expedite recurring purchases. Customers can purchase individual items from their lists or add an entire list of saved items to a shopping cart with just one click for quick, bulk ordering.
• Quick Order: Easily reorder items from past purchases or add products to the cart by SKU.

Buyers can easily curate lists of frequently purchased items or for a project and then from when needed.


With SuiteCommerce, your business can offer a B2C-like customer experience with a variety of features, including:

• Quoting: Streamline the quoting process. Allow buyers to submit a Request for Quote on your website. A company representative can revise the quote if needed. The buyer can then convert the quote to an online order.
• Private Sites: Protect your site by requiring buyers to log in to gain access or see pricing.


With SuiteCommerce, you can automate and expedite your billing process by giving your customers the ability to review and manage payments online.


• View Account Balances: View summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos and the terms associated with accounts.
• Review Invoices and Make Payments: Examine all invoices, and if account terms exist, easily make full or partial payments against single or multiple invoices.
• Use Multiple Payment Methods: Access B2B payment methods such as invoice billing, credit limits and ACH processing.

Buyers can easily view summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos and the terms associated with their account.


Offer solutions for self-service support to your customers, while empowering your team to meet customer needs with detailed case management, efficient returns and tracking for field services.


• Returns: Enable self-service returns management so shoppers can initiate an online return authorization.
• Case Management: Improve engagement and client satisfaction by enabling customers to submit questions or support queries direct to your support desk.
• Order History: Give customers complete access to their order history and details related to each order, including shipping, billing and payment information. Easily reorder items from past purchases.
• Order Status: Provide tracking links for buyers to track their orders.

Customers can submit questions or support queries, directly connected to your support desk.


NetSuite fast-tracks processes with built-in workflows that eliminate manual bottlenecks, remove cumbersome rekeying and reduce errors. Or, if needed, create custom workflows to address the unique needs of your business.


• Order-to-Cash: Easily convert quotes to orders, orders to fulfillment, invoicing to payment and more, with automated, built-in processes.
• Purchasing: Build a real-time approval workflow based on purchase order amount.
• Ordering and Replenishment: Establish order templates and reordering schemes, and automate the back-order and pre-ordering processes using your real-time inventory visibility.
• Quoting: Collect and submit a quote to your sales staff, manage notifications and quote correspondence to completion. Automate the manufacturing order lifecycle from capture to quote.

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• Global and Subsidiaries: Manage all worldwide business from a single system, including automatic accounting and roll-ups for international or domestic subsidiaries.
• Marketing: Automate your marketing processes across channels. Enable email marketing, from creation to execution to measurement, all from one system, including retention/renewal, cart abandonment and back-in-stock campaigns. Set up automated promotions to any attribute or metric on the customer or item master.


As a pioneer in the commerce industry since 1998, NetSuite was the first to provide a solution that unified ecommerce with your back-office systems. Today, SuiteCommerce powers thousands of online businesses helping them grow and expand to new heights. Backed by professional services, an extensive partner ecosystem and dedicated support, SuiteCommerce provides your business everything it needs to succeed.