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“NetSuite has relieved the anxiety involved in measuring utilization. If the company is having a short lull in work, I can go into NetSuite and see exactly when projects will pick up again.”

The shift to digital has advertising and marketing agencies undergoing a rapid transformation. As retainers and mark-ups give way to fee- and performance-based revenue, monitoring project profitability and employee performance becomes imperative. Yet many agencies rely on disparate management and billing systems, leaving agency leaders without a single actionable view of the business.

“With NetSuite, we now have complete visibility across the whole company’s financial and operational metrics. We understand what our resources are working on, what they’re planning to work on going forward, and what our revenue and our profitability estimates are going to be for the future.”

Howard Abrams, VP of Finance, Empathy Lab

Maximizing Agency Profitability and Resource Utilization

Advertising and marketing agencies are experiencing rapid transformation, driven largely by the shift to digital. As retainers and mark-ups give way to more fee- and performance-based revenue, it’s increasingly important to maximize the return on employee efforts and diligently monitor time and expenses. Yet many agencies rely on a hodgepodge of disparate management and billing systems, making it challenging to have a single actionable view for agency leaders.

NetSuite’s cloud computing agency solution streamlines your complete agency workflow, from bid to bill. With a 360-degree view of your business, you can optimize quotes and staffing, increase utilization and agility, make data-driven decisions and improve profitability. All of this is delivered via a cloud platform that is agile, reliable, and secure.

NetSuite’s business management system is your ally in winning profitable business. With personalized dashboards of leads/tasks and ready access to prior work, time, and costs for similar jobs, NetSuite empowers agencies to win the business and have confidence it can be delivered on time and on budget.

Improve Competitiveness at Winning New Business

Winning new business is always a challenge. Presenting your agency in the best light as quickly as possible may be the difference between winning and losing. Clients are negotiating harder than ever, putting pressure on margins. NetSuite enables you to:

Gain full visibility into the estimating process for new business including resource availability and time and cost of similar past projects.

• Generate customized quotes that meet client needs while preserving your margins.
• Turn prospects into clients and win repeat business through integrated marketing campaigns and sales force management.
• Turn prospects into clients and win repeat business through integrated marketing campaigns and sales force management. • Simplifies administration and improves productivity through automated approval routing.
• Facilitates online advertising cost management through DoubleClick integration.

Improve Resource Utilization and Project Management

NetSuite’s integrated account management and project management software transforms client estimates into jobs allowing seamless management of all your resources—especially your people. High utilization and low attrition are both goals—along with client satisfaction which comes from great work delivered on time and within budget.

• Facilitates talent management through the ability to anticipate resource needs as jobs move through the pipeline and assign the best available talent to a project based on skill sets, brand expertise and other factors.
• Delivers real-time visibility into status.
• Promotes collaboration among team members.
• Facilitates early identification of potential project bottlenecks.
• Enables time and expense reporting over the web, mobile devices and offline channels.s

Gain Complete Visibility to Enable Better Decisions

With NetSuite, agency and financial managers can make informed strategic and operational decisions based on 360-degree visibility into key business metrics. From the time a lead arrives to the day the bill is collected, profitability can be forecast. Complete integration of CRM, project management and finance/accounting enables you to:

• Automate workflow.
• Accelerate cash flow.
• Ensure service delivery that’s on time and on budget.
• Work globally, with support for more than 170 currencies and 15 languages and built-in features for local country tax compliance.
• Facilitates online advertising cost management through DoubleClick integration.

And as NetSuite’s agency solution is cloud- based, you can implement quickly without a major upfront investment and ongoing maintenance of on-premise systems.