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Making the Move to SuiteCommerce

You know first hand the benefits of having a natively unified cloud platform. Using NetSuite’s Site Builder ecommerce solution integrated with your NetSuite back-end business systems has enabled you to streamline and optimize your business operations and provide you with an ecommerce site where customers interact with your brand.

But in today’s digital-first, ever-changing world, is your Site Builder site still able to support the types of online experiences your customers expect? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at SuiteCommerce, NetSuite’s newest addition to our ecommerce family.

SuiteCommerce provides all the same features and functionality as SuiteCommerce Advanced but does not offer source code access to customize business logic. This solution is ideal for organizations that don’t need as much customization for their ecommerce experience and have limited IT resources. With SuiteCommerce, you can launch a full-featured web store within 30 days with SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce.

Just like updates and enhancements to NetSuite’s back- end applications, take advantage of new features for your SuiteCommerce store with the biannual release. These features become available for you to use automatically.

Benefits of SuiteCommerce

Modern Commerce Platform

Never migrate your commerce solution again. SuiteCommerce is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) multi- tenant cloud solution. Your site is easy to maintain: no “version lock”, no need to migrate between versions. Take advantage of new features and updates made automatically available with every release.

Enhance your SuiteCommerce site with extensions. Business users can quickly and easily expand the capabilities of their stores with pluggable extensions. Extensions are designed to upgrade seamlessly with each release, allowing you to enhance your site in a way that’s maintainable. Our Commerce Extension Framework provides an API that makes it easy for developers to create their own extensions.

Rich and Engaging Shopping Experience

Make it easy for shoppers to find, learn and buy your products with a host of features, including an enhanced image gallery, product comparisons, faceted navigation, advanced site search, social sharing, ratings and reviews, and the ability to save shopping carts and create lists.


Fully optimized for mobile, SuiteCommerce uses built- in responsive themes so your entire site automatically rescales and resizes when accessed from any device.

Site Management Tools

Our easy to use WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop site management tool allows business users to manage content, add landing pages, enhance existing pages, manage commerce categories and subcategories, and assign items to categories. Work on changes to your site and then schedule when the changes go live or publish them immediately. All revisions are tracked and auditable.


The entire shopping experience is secure with HTTPS support and just like with Site Builder, you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance since NetSuite takes care of that.

Site Performance

A single domain across the shopping and checkout experience, a content delivery network (CDN) and the client-side single page application all contribute to enabling a fast, scalable SuiteCommerce site.

SuiteCommerce sites fully render faster on average 2.5 seconds per page versus 3.48 seconds per page on Site Builder sites.

The NetSuite Performance Excellence team continually evolves performance standards to make sure our ecommerce solutions meet or exceed leading industry performance benchmarks, and the Built-to-Perform program ensures that all sites going live meet those standards. SuiteCommerce storefronts load quickly, translating to few bounces and higher sales.

Search Engine Optimization

There are always concerns about maintaining your search ranking when migrating to a new ecommerce site. However, with a site migration strategy, not only can you maintain your rankings but you could even surpass your previous performance. SuiteCommerce allows you to easily add 301 redirects to ensure that all legacy URLs are handled appropriately. And with native features such as secure shopping across your entire site, support of Schema.org semantic markup, page structure templates optimized for search engines and SEO-friendly URLs, SuiteCommerce provides all the tools you need to ensure that your SEO continues to grow.

Join the SuiteCommerce Community

Developers.SuiteCommerce.com provides a destination for the SuiteCommerce community to learn, share and engage all about SuiteCommerce.

Compare SuiteCommerce and Site Builder


ArchitectureService-oriented architecture. Client-side single-page application.Server-side architecture
DesignClient-side themes enable pixel-perfect design capabilities and unlimited layout control. Theme templates provided for the entire web store.Server-side, theme-based templates provided for each portion of a page or create your own template. Reference templates provided only for My Account and Checkout.
MobileResponsive themes enabled for entire web store: My Account, Catalog and Checkout.Responsive design enabled for My Account and Checkout reference starter store or customize theme-based templates to achieve a fully responsive site.
Site-SearchElasticsearch-powered site search provides keyword search, fuzzy matching, type ahead recommendations and ability to customize search criteria settings.Basic keyword search
NavigationFaceted navigation optimizes the finding of products by narrowing items by categories and attributes such as price and color.Category navigation (static links)
Dynamic MerchandisingRelated and correlated items supported to enable the presentation of upsells, cross-sells and related products based on sales heuristics data as well as merchant-driven rules, such as location, browsing behavior, items in cart, best sellers or higher margins.Related and correlated items supported to enable the presentation of upsells, cross-sells and related products based on sales heuristic data.
Site ManagementFront-end WYSIWYG drag-and-drop site management tools.Basic capabilities. Layout/templates created and driven via NetSuite records.
PerformanceSingle-page architecture utilizing AJAX, file minification and Akamai CDN.None
Secure ShoppingHTTPS support across the entire site.HTTPS support for checkout only.
Single DomainOne domain across shopping and checkout.Separate shopping and checkout domains.