Why B2B Companies Are Going D2C And How They’re Doing It


  • With the rise of providing a “better” customer experience, customers are demanding a more seamless way to shop. The traditional model, in which manufacturers sell to wholesalers and retailers who then sell to consumers is being turned inside out by the emergence of eCommerce. Brands, retailers and even distributors are looking for an opportunity to build a relationship with customers. Social, mobile, Amazon and the need for rapid delivery have made this a hot topic with retailers, distributors and businesses that need to change their distribution channels to survive in the new age.


  • One prime example would be the story of Warby Parker. Consumers can purchase glasses from both the physical store as well as the website, cutting out the middleman. This gave the company more control over its brand and the ability to connect directly with its consumers.
  • Moving DTC allows you to connect to more customers than ever before while still being agile. Maybe even more important than the customer connection through DTC is the inventory control. By selling your products online, you can carry more inventory and sell a wider variety of products. In the old world order, retailers would only stock the best sellers, ignoring what the rest of your cliental might be interested in. Here you can offer a wider product assortment and give your customers more choices. If only there was a seamless way to track inventory as well…


By moving DTC you can provide your customers a personalized experience that the legacy retailers are unable to do. And on the back end, your processes can be more streamlined by solving customer service, returns and inventory issues. In the end, the most important indicator of your success is a returning customer. With the correct systems in place and the shift to DTC, you can capture that data, make quicker decisions and ultimately scale for the future.

Why B2B Companies Are Going D2C And How They’re Doing It
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