What You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Cloud-Based CRM For Your Business

When Henry Ford said that it was not the employer who pays the wages for he only handles the money, but it is the customer who pays the wages, he succinctly deduced the very essence of what sets one business success apart from the other. No surprise here that in today’s constantly on-the-move digital world, CRM has become the fastest growing software in digital marketing with an expected CRM market valued at $146 billion by 2028. A CRM helps in the growth of a company. Not only that, it also helps foster weight and scale to customer-centred decisions as well as actions.

From improved access to customer data and process efficiency, heightened productivity, quality communication, better sales revenue, accuracy in data deduction, upselling as well as cross selling, forecasting, to sales funnel efficiency, CRM or customer relationship management is the sum total of a lot of moving parts. In an industry inundated with so much data and movement driven by customers, Zoho CRM and Salesforce remain highly ranked software for businesses across industry. And while both companies provide highly trusted and well-rated CRM software designed for a wide range of industries, the fact is, both come fully stacked with veritable features, however affordability and pricing become the final word in early or late adoption. 

Here, we explore what you need to know while choosing the right software as a service and the difference between Zoho CRM and Salesforce at a glance.

Quick And Easy Adoption Helps Stay A Cut Above The Rest

It is true that Salesforce is considered the undisputed leader when it comes to standardisation of customer relationship management. However, Zoho CRM also provides detailed customisation options when it comes to choosing features and navigating the user interface. It provides tools that help filter information from large lists and formats sales pipelines. In Zoho’s case, although the interface is super agile, the overwhelming number of features can disarm one at the start. Not far behind in complexity is Salesforce teaming with features that often require an assigned administrator to oversee management and implementation. So, if you are after a pocket-friendly budget, Zoho CRM will edge out Salesforce. 

Workflow Automation And Enhanced Agility Makes Your Business Better

One of the main reasons businesses switch to automation is the upgrades and ease of workflow it brings, combined with easy to navigate data. Several complex workflows can be simplified and automated when you make the switch up, plus in Zoho’s case you get to automate key processes with contacts, leads, accounts, tasks and deals, plus sales forecasting free of cost, unlike Salesforce’s plans that might well be detailed but is not freely available.

Data Rich Reporting And Analytics Is Non Negotiable

At the crux of most businesses is data driven analytics. It helps you make informed decisions in the form of customisable dashboards and extensive reporting features. In case of Zoho, in-built AI features allows users quick and easy insights while the same and more are substantially more expensive when it comes to Salesforce. What’s more, Zoho CRM also provides unlimited data storage while not placing an upper limit on number of users accessing the platform. 

Team Under One Unified Platform That Promotes Scalability Is #Goals

When you do away with information rooted in silos, you automatically make room for collaborative integration and a unified front. Both Zoho CRM and Salesforce provide a range of integrations that help streamline collaboration and improve cooperation between marketing, sales, support and other key business processes. Think file-sharing platforms like Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive! Zoho CRM also offers affordable plans that help small business scale faster to meet the global industry standard, which, in turn, makes it a huge draw for upcoming businesses. 

Winning Accessible Support Enhances Productivity

At a time when budgeting is indeed the need of the hour, Zoho CRM becomes your go-to choice for an all-in-one solution that is affordable and easier to deploy as well as maintain. At one fifth of competitor cost, it’s true that Zoho CRM does make a strong case for winning and accessible support. With features like exporting your data any time, increased business productivity, timely updates, dedicated customer support during implementation and deployment as well as web-based intuitive interface, there is a lot to love about Zoho CRM.

With all these obvious wins, get a more studied deep dive into its many features and capabilities here


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