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Drive positive engagement in your workforce with Zoho People, the ultimate cloud-based HR information system that manages your employee life cycle on a unified platform.

With Zoho People, you can finally focus on overall employee well-being and an optimized workplace. Powered by Aarialife, you can now ensure hiring, onboarding and attendance management, to time tracking and appraisals, everything is taken care of. A versatile HR solution, that eliminates errors due to manual entries, as it consolidates data from multiple devices, with Zoho People you can even bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be through goal setting. Further automate and accelerate HR tasks by configuring intelligent workflows. With advanced analytics, identify pain points so that you make informed decisions that champion your workforce.

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For Staffing Agency

With Zoho Recruit, your agency gets a single unified platform that meets all your hiring demands. We make recruiting effortless with powerful and effective sourcing channels, simple resume extraction tools, and automated workflows alongside detailed analytics.  You can safely run background checks, review the candidate hiring pipeline, apply with LinkedIn, tailor your resume templates, and automate your entire process as you source, track, and hire the best talent out there.

For Corporate HRs

The Zoho Recruit software streamlines the hiring process for both SMBs and corporations. Features that ensure shorter time-to-fill and longer employee retention for both SMB’s and corporations, makes it a go-to solution for HR’s. Now you can create employee referral portals and custom career pages while integrating your HRMS and managing candidates better. With changing talent landscapes and varied candidate expectations, evolving workplaces require hiring managers that have long-lasting results. Now send offer letters with ease, build an employer brand, manage your territory effectively all while converting candidates to happy employees.



Temporary Workforce

Designed for modern temp agencies looking for a three-sixty-degree solution to their recruitment concerns. The software ensures agencies effectively manage their client and temp database, generate timesheets, schedule job based on client requirements and send invoices all within a single framework and interface. Zoho Workerly’s AI-powered search automatically matches a list of temps to a job, significantly saving time you’d normally spend on looking for the ideal candidate. Empower your temporary staffing pipeline with a permanent solution that is also easily customizable.

Manage your people with features that accelerate growth

Manage data with ease

Zoho People streamlines both data collection and secure storage with employee database management that helps set up your organization, and tracks all your employee needs.


Make HR management effortless

Zoho People improves performance by automating everything, from onboarding, to attendance tracking, to shift management. Now you can conveniently structure the entire onboarding process for new recruits. Do all this via customizable workflows, make payday stress-free, break down projects into smaller tasks, and finally, invoice projects easily through fully integrated Zoho Books, Zoho Quick Books and Zoho Invoice.


Boost the way you evaluate

Boost your performance evaluations by integrating evaluating modules like KRA and Goals along with customised appraisal cycle into your system. See a marked shift in the way you drive your business as you democratise the feedback process. Make room for thorough feedback, performance reports and analytics, plus skill set management data.

Stay ahead with an intuitive corporate learning management system

Embrace corporate diversity by understanding your employees learning needs. Enable faster and better e-learning experiences which help them stay ahead of the curve as you facilitate a combination of learning styles. Create an engaging learning experience with virtual classrooms, discussions, integrated trainings, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Smoothen mechanisms with automated tools designed to take care of case and documentation management

Organize all your employee queries with a case management system that helps streamline queries, track their status, and resolve cases promptly. Additionally, foster a collaborative workplace where you give autonomy to your employees to track their activities and work with their team remotely. Simplify document management by storing all your documents in a single, central, and secure location.

Leverage with intelligent automation

Thanks to an intuitive interface Zoho People guides you in setting up workflows and specifying trigger notifications. Stay alert, check activities on your task list, sync your data, navigate customizable apps, schedule calendar tasks, and get instant field updates.

Customize the way you work with intelligent automation

Thanks to an intuitive interface, Zoho People guides you in setting up workflows and specifying trigger notifications. Stay alert, check activities on your task list, sync your data, navigate customizable apps, schedule calendar tasks and get instant field updates.

Embrace data and seamless integration

Get clear insights about your workforce through comprehensive analytics which detail meaningful data that help navigate intelligently through a plethora of reports. Shift between multiple apps with several Zoho and third-party applications conveniently integrated.

Streamline user access management

Take effective ownership of access management via IPs and Geo-tracking that helps validate employee check-ins and time logs. Grant access to view/edit documents, modules, or even locations, empowering a pool of organisation members.


Created to work out of the box, Zoho People is ideal for companies that want
something that can be implemented easily and customized
exactly to their needs and expectations.

Employee Self Service

Performance Management

Employee Database Management

Employee Onboarding

Case Management

Time Tracker

Leave Management

Attendance Tracker

Shift Scheduling

Form Customization

HR Process Automation

Advanced Analytics

Document Management


Expense Management

GDPR Compliance

Manage People On The Go

Reach out to employees and handle all your HR activities from anywhere.

Integrate with your favourite apps

Your business runs on various applications. Zoho People seamlessly connects with the apps you use everyday.


15-day free trial. No credit card required complete HR solution for every business


C$1.5/user/month billed annually
  • Basic HRIS with self-service login
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Leave Management


C$2.5/user/month billed annually
  • Essential HR +
  • Attendance
  • Timesheets
  • Shift Scheduling


C$4 /user/month billed annually
  • Professional +
  • Performance Management
  • Zoho Analytics Integration


C$6/user/month billed annually
  • Premium +
  • Cases (Employee Query Management)

Not Just Config. Training Too.

Detailed and proven training methodologies to help you succeed at each level. Tiered training program - Induction, Advanced and reinforcement to ensure total user adoption.

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