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Designed to build diverse and end-to-end hiring solutions for your business, hire faster and better with Zoho Recruit.

Cloud-based applicant tracking system for a versatile and dynamic workforce, Zoho Recruit simplifies your entire recruitment cycle. Powered by Aarialife, Zoho Recruit is not only an intuitive recruiting software that makes hiring effortless, but a comprehensive and agile hiring solution provider, for staffing agencies, corporate HRs, and temporary workforce. Attract the best candidates as you establish your own vendor ecosystem.


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    For Staffing Agency

    With Zoho Recruit, your agency gets a single unified platform that meets all your hiring demands. We make recruiting effortless with powerful and effective sourcing channels, simple resume extraction tools, and automated workflows alongside detailed analytics.  You can safely run background checks, review the candidate hiring pipeline, apply with LinkedIn, tailor your resume templates, and automate your entire process as you source, track, and hire the best talent out there.

    For Corporate HRs

    The Zoho Recruit software streamlines the hiring process for both SMBs and corporations. Features that ensure shorter time-to-fill and longer employee retention for both SMB’s and corporations, makes it a go-to solution for HR’s. Now you can create employee referral portals and custom career pages while integrating your HRMS and managing candidates better. With changing talent landscapes and varied candidate expectations, evolving workplaces require hiring managers that have long-lasting results. Now send offer letters with ease, build an employer brand, manage your territory effectively all while converting candidates to happy employees.



    Temporary Workforce

    Designed for modern temp agencies looking for a three-sixty-degree solution to their recruitment concerns. The software ensures agencies effectively manage their client and temp database, generate timesheets, schedule job based on client requirements and send invoices all within a single framework and interface. Zoho Workerly’s AI-powered search automatically matches a list of temps to a job, significantly saving time you’d normally spend on looking for the ideal candidate. Empower your temporary staffing pipeline with a permanent solution that is also easily customizable.

    Hire faster and better with features that empower.

    Integrated for maximum engagement

    Zoho Recruit’s talent enhances the way recruiters find, engage, and hire talent and values partners who share the vision to grow together. With a constantly evolving list of integrations, Zoho Recruit gives HR professionals the freedom to work with the best tools and solutions for strengthening their recruitment platform.


    Remote hiring made effective

    With 2020 championing remote working as a viable way for companies to operate effectively at a time of unprecedented crisis, Zoho Recruit ensures reviewing profiles, scheduling calls, and interviewing candidates can be done from anywhere. Plan your workday by creating, organising and prioritising tasks on your calendar, managing records effortlessly by instantly adding modules remotely, keeping your candidates in the loop, tracking comments and communication and using advanced analytics as you oversee multi -communication channels with ease.

    Stay ahead of the game with Advanced Recruit Analytics

    In order to quantify your efforts and in an effort to understand how to strategize effectively, Recruit Analytics auto-generates reports that help fix what’s not working. Never miss out on a great hire with Zoho Recruit that addresses multiple recruitment hurdles with one solution. What’s more, Zoho Recruit ensures you de-clutter your database allowing you to customize dashboards and process conflict-free and effortless scheduling for temporary staffing.

    Strengthen your recruitment platform with resources that help you deliver every step along the way

    From the Help Center that navigates exploration to Developer/ API Guide that simplifies integration, from blogs and dedicated video lounge to webinars and forums, everything you need is seamlessly taken care of.

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